Beauty And The Geek Makeovers

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A makeover sequence has been a staple of TV and film since the beginning of time. Beauty and the Geek are right up there with the best.

I see someone feel confident after making a few minors but easy-to-manage aesthetic adjustments. A transformation is not necessary. It should encourage self-care and grooming rather than making significant life-altering changes. This is why the current season of Beauty and the Geek has been the best example of confidence-boosting changes, with each makeover bringing a smile to the faces of the beautiful.

Beauty And The Geek Makeovers

The reality TV series has been a hit for its most recent episodes. These transformations saw the most insecure and anxious Geeks transform into right swipe-worthy hunks.

In case you missed any, we’ve collected every beauty and the Geek2022 transformation below.


Mike was the first Geek to get the eagerly awaited makeover. A 20-year-old Batman fan from Queensland, Mike began the show with a scruffy mustache and untidy locks. He also had a passion for graphic T-shirts, which is fine.

The Beauties were thrilled to see the new Mike. As he stepped outside the doors of a makeover, there were a lot of gasps and shocked screams. Mike now has a neatly trimmed beard with some stubble left behind. His hair is shorter and more extended.

His fashion was also upgraded. Mike looked stunning in a blue and green pinstripe shirt paired with a white top and dark grey suit.

“I have never been called hot.” After the big reveal, Mike said that he felt it now.


Chris was the next victim of the transformation timeline, following Mike.

He is a software engineer and a Japanese card game fan. His messy hair and long, fringed front have always been compared with Mick Jagger.

He shared that he was nervous about the transformation and had struggled with self-worth over the years. He knew that the change would boost his confidence.

Chris looked completely different after getting a new haircut and wardrobe overhaul. The Beauties, Bri included, were stunned when Chris walked out of the makeover room.

She wiped her eyes and said, “You look so beautiful,” as she was overcome with emotion. “I was speechless. I was really lost for words.”

He shared his Instagram post, “It’s strange to receive so many praises and support in such a short time.” It feels great to finally see the positive reactions from these beautiful, amazing people I share this experience with.


The final week of competition shows is underway, and the Geeks are given their well-earned makeovers. Jason is the first to reach the last rank.

Jason is not only a talented musician, but at 29 years old, Jason has also said that he is shy and a “hermit.” This makes this transformation even more critical.

There are many excited screams and even tears as he shows off his new look. Jason has a new haircut with cropped sides, a more extended crown, and a clean-shaven face. His outfit was simple: a button-down shirt with short sleeves and a white T-shirt underneath. This showed off his toned arms, something we didn’t know existed.

“I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I saw someone else, and it was wild.” He said about his makeover. Emily replied, “I was picturing our babies; I have the hots for Jason.”


Next was Aaron, the resident train enthusiast. He revealed that he has always struggled with self-confidence, especially after an accident with his front teeth being replaced with partial dentures.

The elevator doors opened, and Aaron’s new look was instantly apparent.

His shaggy hair was cut short, and his facial structure is now more prominent. He also wore a cropped haircut that highlights his robust features. A new pair of glasses has updated his look. Aaron has updated his wardrobe with a sky-blue button-down and a nautically-striped top.

Aaron was speechless when he saw his reflection in the mirror for the first time since his transformation.

He admitted that he had never felt more attractive or sexy. “I may have to do some modeling soon.”

Karly is in tears and shared her opinion that Aaron looks “sexy” and “amazing.”


The digital content manager Anthony has been shy around new people his whole life. This is why it’s so easy for him to retreat into his love of Harry Potter. His friendship with Tegan has been a great way for him to get to know himself better and regain the confidence that he lost from high school bullies.

The elevator doors opened, and Tegan couldn’t stay in her chair. His new look was praised by the Beauties, who screamed and applauded.

He looked stylish and good-looking. Tegan joked that he looked like a sugar daddy, a bad boy.

The new Anthony look is a refined version of his original look. He wore contacts to remove his glasses and had his face shaved. He wore a beige suit jacket with an elegant polo underneath.

He couldn’t wipe the smile from his face and admitted that he felt “handsome” after his makeover.


Finally, Michael was ready. It was long past time for the transformation of this part-time child entertainer and crypto trader.

As Michael left the elevator, everyone was stunned and applauded. Tara was so emotional that she ran up to him and kissed him.

His shaggy hair was cut short. The new cropped ‘do his side fringe, but the facial hair is gone for a cool-guy look. He also wore a beige jacket and a white shirt underneath. Both sleeves were rolled.

Tara said to him, “You look incredible.” “I loved you before this, and we have grown so much together. But this is the cherry on top.”

Michael said that he felt genuinely appreciated after the kiss. 9Entertainment “There were so many people around me when I came out that I was thrilled for them to see my reaction. Tara was the most excited.”

“When she came up to me and gave me a kiss and a warm hug, it was the epitome of how far we had come, the embodiment of our journey together.”

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