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There’s an explanation for why Van Morrison wrote about a brown-eyed Girl. They’re beautiful! While green or blue may seem more appealing initially, brown eyes have an extra level of depth to them. They also tend to reveal different features as you stare at the eyes. You’ll see some flecks of gold and copper in a few and others that straddle the lines of hazel or green. The best thing about eyes with cocoa is that you can experiment with them using eye shadow. You could create a greener look for your eyes or a deeper brown based on your selected color.

It’s possible to be right with any shade of shadow you choose; however, some shades allow your eyes to shine. “For day-to-day wear, go for soft, delicate shades that have a touch of warmth,” says Portland-based makeup artist Analisa Marie of The Wildflower Collective. “If you’re looking for more depth around your eyes, try deeper shades with amber, gray, or purple undertones.” We’ve gathered 20 of the most beautiful shades, sticks, and more based on her advice and other aspects such as skin tone and price.

To determine which eyeshadow best matches the shade you prefer, look at our selections below.

Makeup by Mario Master Metallics Eyeshadow Palette

There’s nothing more frustrating than shelling out vast sums of money for eyeshadows that don’t appear. This palette is the complete opposite of the former. These 12 shimmering shades are well-colored, which helps justify their cost. Nine shadows fall within the warm hue family, with glittering bronzes and stunning khaki green, which makes brown eyes sparkle. What makes this palette stand out from other shades with rosy tones is the three shades with more relaxed styles that flatter brown eyes without being too warm or ashy.

e.l.f Cosmetics With No Budge Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

The cream shadow stick might be cheap, but it’s in the top leagues and gives more expensive products an edge. Apply it to all lids for an entire shadow look, or use it as a liner on the bottom and top lash lines. Copper Chic is a gorgeous shade. Copper Chic shade delivers a rich, warm metallic hue that will enhance brown eyes of any shade, but especially the ones with golden particles.With burgundy, bronzy, and brown shades, The mini palette includes everything you need to make brown eyes pop. “For a dramatic look with a simple approach, keep these colors close to the lash lines, blending them over your eyeliner on the top and bottom,” Marie suggests. “Swiping the shadow along your lash line diffuses the liner and actually increases the longevity of the wear.”

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Eyeshadow Palette

To spend a bit on a high-end palette, you must look into Tom Ford’s Color Quad. It includes four stunningly smooth shadows. It can be found in various colors, including several which look stunning when worn on eyes with brown. We suggest Body Heat, Disco Dust, Honeymoon, or Pretty Baby.

RMS Beauty Luminizer x Quad Highlighter Palette

RMS Beauty Luminizer x Quad Highlighter Palette is a bit like a highlights palette because it’s kind of. The four light-reflecting, creamy creams can be applied to the lids of the eyes to lighten dark brown irises and also on the temples, cheeks and decolletage, brow bone, and everywhere else you’d like to add some glimmer. Marie suggests that multi-purpose products such as this are perfect for wasting time.

“Lighter shadows with flares of champagne, gold, or copper will really add to the natural sparkle of brown eyes,” she says. “Try adding just a touch of these highlight shades in the inner corner tear duct and extending in toward the middle of your eye to add a fresh flash of light. This is a really fresh approach to making your eyes appear more open.”

Milani Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette

For those whose eyes look lighter brunette or possess a hazel tint, eyeshadows with red undertones can be extremely flattering. Consider the highly pigmented Milani Pure Passion palette with 12 pink peachy, bronzy, and chocolatey shades.

“Soften any hard lines between the shadow and skin with a clean brush by sweeping it along the line of color you’ve created. This will blend and diffuse the pigment and leave you with a seamless transition between the color and your natural lid,” Marie says. Marie.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Shadow in Amber Rush

If you are drawn to shimmery shadows, get one or two pots of this enduring light-reflecting, light-absorbing formula from L’Oreal. Pinks, golds, and grays are the best for brown eyes. These include these shades: Amber Rush, Glistening Garnet, Smoldering Plum, or Bronzed Taupe.

“Try focusing the pigment of choice into your eye crease with a small fluffy brush, then connecting to the outer corners and halfway across your bottom lash line. This will create a very diffused wash of color that will bring warmth into your eyes and enhance your natural eye shape,” Marie describes.

Smashbox Always On Cream Shadow in Ochre

Eye makeup that is amber is also attractive for people who have brown eyes. Try the Smashbox Always On Cream Shadow that comes in the hue Ochre. The stunningly vibrant and super-blendable liquid shadow will last for 24 hours and will not cause creases, cake, or fade throughout the day.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre in Midnight

Eyeshadow in blue suits all eye shades, although brown-eyed ladies can experiment with bold hues. We’re in love with Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre in Midnight, stunningly gorgeous, shimmering navy blue. This magnificent shadow appears elegant when applied in a smudgy approach around the edges of the eye.

Huda Beauty Haze Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Khaki Haze

The eyeshadow kit from Huda Beauty comes with nine earth-inspired shades that go well with brown eyes. These include deep reddish clay, chestnut, Army green as well as brownish-black, as well as a handful of shades of pink and gold with metallic shades to highlight. “Adding a pop of highlight onto the center of your lid will really make your eyes glow,” Marie suggests. Marie.

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