6 Luxury Colognes You Need To Know About

December 13, 2021 3 min read

6 Luxury Colognes You Need To Know About

6 Luxury Colognes You Need To Know About

There are certain things that every man does that no matter how subtle, will define him. These things can be as obvious as his profession or how he dresses. They can also be as subtle as the way he carries himself, and yes… the way he smells.

Fragrance is a signature, it’s something people will associate with you. Our brains are wired to associate scents with certain things, events, people, and emotions. Have you ever caught a whiff of a passerby and instantly been reminded of a loved one or a certain event? This is why cheaping-out on a fragrance is never a good idea.

This scent will define you, it’s an investment into the impression you leave with those you love, and those you have only just met.


1. CREED Aventus

Creed Aventus is designed by one of the premiere fragrance brands the world has ever seen.

The Aventus fragrance was made with inspiration taken from the spectacular life of a historic emperor. Designed after a life of love, lust, and luxury, it embodies a strong character and the lavishness of royalty. Aventus is someone who wages both war and peace, yet always comes through victorious.

This cologne is meant for the man who has waged many battles and works hard throughout the day. The softer notes embody the side of the emperor who comes home at the end of the day to pursue love and romance, with the bolder, heavier notes embodying his bold brutality.  




2. Helmut Lang Eau De Cologne

Helmut Lang prefers simplicity and minimalism over the complex and confusing layers common in the perfuming industry. Their aim is to create minimal, elegant, and clean aromas that have an affinity to sophistication and seduction. 

Eau De Cologne is a sequel to the ever popular Eau De Parfum. It is considered by many to be far superior as it builds off of the downfalls of the original formula. 

With scents of musk, lavender, rosemary, heliotrope, and patchouli, this scent is both elegant, and masculine. A must have for the minimalist inspired gentleman. 




3. Idole De Lubin

Also known as “Eau De Parfum”, this fragrance is designed specifically for the adventurous gentlemen of the world. The creator, Olivia Giacobetti, has perfected the balance between high, middle and base notes in a way that almost seems to tell a story. The fragrance changes throughout the day as the layers evaporate one by one. 

Idole De Lubin contains hints of rum, saffron, smoked ebony, leather, frankincense and amber. A real steadfast cologne for the bold and dangerous man.



4. Penhaligon's Lord George

Lord George is a man immortalised by his legacy. He is both masculine, and elegant, and perhaps a little intoxicated. This fragrance is his patrimony. A scent that inherently suggests power, yet is elegant and clean enough to embody both honour and respect to those who wear it. 

Lord George has hints of wood smoke and rum, as well as fresh notes of ferns and amber. Fresh tonka bean ties the fragrance together in the middle. This is a classic, and masculine scent that represents the patriarch of a successful family line. 


5. Amouage Jubilation Xxv Man 

Unlike Helmut Lang’s Eau De Cologne, there is nothing minimal about this cologne. Jubilation XXV embodies lavishness and opulence to the Nth degree. With a perfect balance of dark to light notes, this scent has a lot to say. The early morning fragrance offers notes of golden honey and velvety orchid. As the day progresses, the scent mellows out to release notes of exotic atlas cedarwood and the incredibly rare and mysterious scent of oud. 

This formula is both rare and luxurious. Just like the man who wears it, the availability is a mystery worth solving. 



6. CREED Original Vetiver

Nothing embodies masculinity and power in the same scent like vetiver. Creeds Original Vetiver seeks to reinvent vetiver based scents, which have always been historically popular by the elite.

As with all Creed fragrances, the talented and master perfumers Erwin and Oliver Creed have achieved this reinvention with absolute perfection. The cologne offers a blend of potent botanicals like bergamot, mandarin orange, pepper, coriander, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk and amber to synergistically complement the fundamental ingredient...vetiver. 




This scent is for the man who prefers a classic scent with a modern upgrade. It’s historically luxurious aroma brings an air of power and class to any man.

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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