7 Essential Beard Products Every Man Needs

June 30, 2020 3 min read

7 Essential Beard Products Every Man Needs

7Essential Beard Products Every Man Needs 

Who doesn’t love a good beard? They keep you warm in Winter, save you some time on shaving, and can elevate your style to a whole new level. Though actually achieving a good beard is much easier said than done. It requires heaps of patience and a medley ofessential beard products - ranging from oils, washes, and everything in between. 

Don’t reach for the razor just yet. If you’re looking to take your beard-game to the next level, we’ve got you sorted. Here are 7essential beard products that every man needs in his grooming arsenal. 

1 - Beard Oil 

For new-comers to the beard journey, the first product that you’ll likely hear about is beard oil - and for good reason. Beard oils will condition andsoften your facial hair, while helping your mane look much fuller. 

Plus, a quality blend can also moisturise the often-neglected skin beneath your beard, helping to avoid a dry, flaking complexion. 

ThisUppercut Beard Oil is light-weight and non-greasy - designed to soften and nourish any beard type. The blend contains argan, jojoba, avocado, and rosemary oil -  with scents of leather and patchouli.


2 - Beard Balm 

Now that your beard is feeling soft and looking full, it’s time to tame those stray whiskers. This is where a beard balm can come in hand. 

Beard balms are one of the mostessential beard products when it comes tostyling your facial hair. After washing and drying your beard, you can use a beard balm to condition and moisturise your facial hair and to give it some shape. 

For a medium hold, try thisStag Supply Beard Balm - boasting a delicious buttered popcorn scent with a hint of caramel. The mixture will assist with the shape of your beard, while providing a much thicker look. 

Just scoop-out some of your beard balm, melt it in your hands, and coat your freshly-dried beard. Simple. 

Bearded Man

3 - Beard Brush

As you start styling your facial hair, you’ll quickly see the value of a quality beard brush. 

Brushes with animal bristles will help get those stray hairs in line, while evenly spreading the natural oils across your beard. 

Plus, they can assist with cleaning any trapped dirt from your beard. 


4 - Beard Wash 

Eating with a beard can be a messy event (to say the least) - with food hanging from your chin or getting stuck in your mustache. And although this can look very masculine when you’re out and about, you’re going to need a beard wash to properly clean out your bristles. 

Normal soaps or shampoos don’t quite cut-it, as they can strip your beard of its natural oils anddry out the hair

Instead, reach for a beard wash. They are designed to help effectively clean out your beard without completely stripping the natural oils and drying it out. We love this one from Captain Fawectt, it's made with beer, what's not to love.

Bearded Man with Tattoos

5 - Facial Hair Scissors 

When beard balms or combs aren’t enough to manage stubborn beard hairs, facial hair scissors are the ideal solution. 

Reach for somefacial scissors to perform some minor, quick beard touch-ups. 


6 - Trimmer 

Using a trimmer on your beard can be a risky move if you’re not careful. One slip of the hand, and your beard could be as good as gone. 

To avoid this, strive to only use your trimmers to clean up your cheeks and neck. Try to keep them away from your beard, just to be safe.


7 - Moustache Wax 

For those sporting alonger mo, a little extra help from a moustache wax can help to style it properly and hold those disobedient hairs in place. 

You’ll find a moustache wax to be much stiffer, with a strong hold to keep your whiskers in place. 

To apply, use the back of your nail to remove a little bit of wax. WIth your thumb and forefinger, heat and soften the product and apply it to your mo in an outward to upward motion.

Take a look at thisLavender Moustache Wax by Captain Fawcett is handmade, with a blend of pure ingredients to help keep a stiff upper lip. 

With these 7essential beard products by your side, your mane will be looking better in no time. 

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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