8 Common Shaving Mistakes Every Man Should Know

August 07, 2020 4 min read

8 Common Shaving Mistakes Every Man Should Know

Common Shaving Mistakes Every Man Should Know 

It’s easy to fall victim to at least a fewcommon shaving mistakes. After all, when we first start out, we’re typically handed a disposable razor, a handful of soap, and are told not to go against the grain

Though it’s not until we get older that we realise that shaving is actually a luxurious, yet relaxing experience that’s worth mastering. And with the right tips and tools by our side, we can leave razor burn, ingrown hairs, and uneven shaves behind. 

What’s the first step of upgrading your shaving routine? Knowing what you’re doing wrong. Without further ado, here are 8 common shaving mistakes that every man should know. 

Not Preparing The Skin

Shaving can be a nasty occasion for our skin, especially if we aren’t preparing it properly. Before reaching for your razor, try taking a minute or so to get your skin and facial hair ready. 

Start with a cleanser. Clean the skin and remove any dirt or bacteria. Warm water is a must since it can calm the skin and open up the pores. 

Next, reach for a facial scrub and slough away any dead skin cells that would otherwise clog up the razor. This will help you to achieve a seamless glide. 

Finish off your pre-shave routine with a pre-shave oil. It’ll minimise resistance by making the hair much softer and easier to cut through. This pre-shave oil by Imperial is great - protecting the skin from razor burn, rashes, and irritation with the help of essential oil.

Using A Blunt Blade 

Dull razors can wreak having on your skin, often tugging the hairs from your face and causing all kinds of irritation. 

Stay on top of your blades and make sure they’re sharp and ready to shave. Throw out your blunt blades once they’ve been used four or more times. Otherwise, if you feel like they’re tugging on your facial hair, give them the boot. 

Not Using The Right Equipment 

It’s clear how important a sharp razor is when you’re trying to get a close shave - though that’s only the beginning. To achieve a cleaner shave, there are a few tools that every man needs in his grooming arsenal. 

We’ve covered the pre-shaving oil and a quality blade, but other items such as a shaving brush can really help to clean up your act. 


The badger shaving brush by Baxter of California, accompanied by the porcelain shaving bowl by Bluebeards Revenge, will help to achieve a thick, creamy lather for your next shave. 

Dry Shaving 

When it comes to dealing with your facial hair, dry shaving is one of the mostcommon shaving mistakes. Without a lubricant to soften our skin and hair, we’ll often experience a fair deal of friction - commonly followed by conditions like razor burn and irritation. 

If it’s a clean shave you want, investing in a high-grade shaving cream may be worth your time. 

The Old Fashioned Shave Cream Jar by Triumph And Disaster is a great companion to have on your shaving journey. The product can deliver a great, thick lather and a closer shave - accompanied by a refreshing citrus scent. 

Rushing The Process 

If you’ve rolled out of bed late and are in a rush for work, it may seem tempting to skip over a few steps of your grooming regime. Though it’s hard to nail your shaving routine when you’re rushing through the process.

Don’t skip the prep-phase and try to avoid dry shaving. If you intend on shaving, leave yourself enough time so you can take it slow and be deliberate with your strokes. 

Shaving Against The Grain 

When we first start shaving, one of the first things we’re told is not to shave against the grain. Though what does this actually mean? Basically, our blades shouldn’t be moving in the opposite direction to which our facial hair grows. 

For a more comfortable shave, the razor should be gliding in the direction of hair growth. Luckily, figuring out which way your beard grows is easy. Simply run your fingers along your face and if the hair feels smooth, you’re moving with the grain. If you’re finding resistance and catching the hairs, you’re moving against the grain. 


Too Much Pressure 

A ‘less is more’ approach can pay off in your shaving routine. 

When we put too much pressure on the razor, the skin’s surface becomes uneven - making it harder to achieve a closer shave

To get the most out of your shave, try applying a lighter touch. 

Skipping The Post-Shave Routine 

Notice that your skin’s feeling a bit raw after a shave? This is where a post-shave balm can prove to be valuable. 

As we mentioned before, shaving can be a nasty occasion for our skin. An after-shave balm can lend a helping hand by soothing irritation and refreshing the skin. 

To take your post-shave routine to the next level, check out this post-shave balm by Bluebeards Revenge. The mixture contains aloe vera and witch hazel to help nourish the skin post-shave.

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The Emporium Barber

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