An update from our CEO & Founder

September 14, 2021 3 min read

An update from our CEO & Founder


Here we are in September and I didn’t think for a minute that I’d be writing this with half our country still in lockdown and the other half sweating on the daily press briefings from our politicians to see if we’re headed the same way.  

There are so many differing opinions out there in regards to COVID, and so many so called experts coming out of the woodwork telling us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.  

Personally I think we should be focusing on the new normal, how do we live with this thing, how and when do we get back to normal life. Living in fear of the next lockdown cannot be on the table. Not being able to travel cannot be on the table, wether its international, within our own country, or as crazy as it sounds 5kn from our homes.  

For a lot of people out there the current restrictions, working from home, wearing masks etc have had little affect on you. You’ve still got that job, still get paid every week, get access to Government Assistance in a timely manner. Working from home has been great for you for all the convinces it brings you.  

But for a lot of us the last 12-18 months have been extremely difficult. We don’t have the option of working from home. We have kids that we need to homeschool. We have business that we cannot open. We have friends and family that live interstate and overseas that we’ve not been able to see. Weddings, funerals, births etc etc can’t be celebrated. We don’t know how much we’re going to get paid, let alone when, but those bills still come. We live on edge in fear of another outbreak, or worse 1-2 cases and then heading into lockdown again. Those office workers that are all now working from home were once our lifeblood.

Worst of all is the uncertainty of what’s around the corner. Sometimes it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel only to have the goal posts shift for what only seems like some sort of political advantage.  

Where is the consideration given to our Mental Health, the Mental Health and Development of our children, the businesses being forced to close and the long term economic devastation that will come of these ongoing lockdowns and border closures.

I for one will be getting vaccinated, as is my choice. The general sentiment amongst our staff is that they will as well. Getting vaccinated is seeming more and more likely our only road out of this mess. Let’s just hope that our politicians can all stick to what they agreed upon so that we can all come out of these restrictions together.  

It’s looking like we’re going to be able to reopen our Bondi Beach store in Mid October. It’s also looking more and more likely that this will only be for vaccinated customers and that we will have to have only vaccinated staff. Unfortunately though through a lack of leadership of our politicians its looking like getting vaccinated won’t become “mandatory” and that its going to be up to us as business owners to walk that employment law tightrope and not allow staff that aren’t vaccinated to come to work. 

Thank you for your continued support during these crazy times. Without the support of our amazing customers and staff we wouldn’t still be here. I’d also like urge you to support your local businesses. Without your continued support your favourite restaurant, the local pub, your local cafe, the bakery, the homewares shop down the road and your local barber etc etc will not come out of the other side of this. There will be a time when you go back to the office but that little cafe isn’t going to be there anymore. The restaurant you’ve always celebrated your anniversary might not be there for your next celebration. Order the takeaway meal, add in desert, grab a treat with your coffee, support those small and local businesses.

Most of all though check up on your family, friends and co-workers.  There’s a lot of people out there doing it tough at the moment for a number of reasons. Don’t just leave it until the next R U Ok day to ask the question. When things might not be going right, sometimes the only thing we’ve got left is each other.

Stay Safe, Support Local and we look forward to seeing you soon!



CEO & Founder

The Emporium Barber 

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore

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