Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser

June 04, 2020 2 min read

Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser

In 1965 Baxter Finley developed his own skin care products as he couldn’t find any on the market for men… and with it the men’s grooming legend that is Baxter of California was born. Over 50-years later Baxter’s continues as a leader in the men’s grooming marketplace where you know you’re purchasing a quality product that’s been tried and tested by many.

Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser

Baxter of California oil-free moisturiser is no exception to the quality men’s grooming products currently coming out of America. It’s a superior matte finish, oil-free moisturiser that has been designed for all types of skin. It was designed to to hydrate and maintain a fresh look, while restoring the skin’s protective moisture barrier.

Plant Based Salve

Baxter oil free moisturiser consists of a plant-based hydrating formula that is absorbed quickly into the skin with a shine-free finish, so you don’t look as if you’ve just gotten out of the shower. This non-greasy, oil-free moisturiser contains antioxidant ingredients and natural botanicals that help protect against environmental damage and premature signs of ageing. 

Packed with natural botanicals like the fortifying and antioxidant green tea extract that helps to reduce skin irritation and outbreaks of redness. Green tea extract also helps slow down the ageing process while combatting wrinkles on your skin through its astringent catechin content

The formula also contains soothing Aloe vera so you can guarantee you will be protected against inflammation and irritation.  

Finally, hydrating Chamomile calms the skin down keeping acne, spots and breakouts at bay. The chamazulene found in the essential oil of this plant halts the inflammatory process within the skin. Other constituents are antimicrobial, which kill any infecting bacteria before acne forms. 

Packed With Vitamins

This lightweight formula is jam-packed with vitamins A, D and E to keep your face looking supple and fresh.

Vitamin D plays a significant role in skin tone and helps create healthy cells. Vitamin E then helps protect against sun damage, while also reducing dark spots and wrinkles through collagen production. Vitamin A will help fight free radical damage and maintain healthy looking skin. 

How To Use

All you need to do to get maximum benefit out of this men’s oil free moisturiser is to apply to your face and neck in the morning and at night. Watch as people comment on how good you look as your face is left feeling smooth and refreshed with a shine-free finish. 

It’s great value for your money, as it will last you a long time, which makes it one of the best men’s facial moisturisers on the market.

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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