Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What’s The Difference?

August 11, 2020 4 min read

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What’s The Difference?

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What’s The Difference?

Beard oil vs beard balm - is there a difference? Or is it the same thing? And which product should I use on my beard? It’s the age-old question on every bearded man's mind.

Don’t sweat it, we’re here to clear a few things up - here’s our ultimate guide tobeard oil vs beard balm

Beard Oil 

What is Beard Oil? 

Beard oil is essentially a moisturiser used to keep our beard hairs, as well as the skin beneath, feeling and looking hydrated. It usually contains ingredients like essential oils and carrier oils to help soften the beard hair, moisturise the skin underneath, and provide the hair with a healthy shine. 

Rufus Hound Beard Oil by Captain Fawcett at The Emporium Barber

The Benefits Of Beard Oil 

  • Moisturise
  • Are you battling the dreaded beard-druff? This is where a soothing beard oil can come to the rescue. Beard dandruff is often caused by the dry, itchy skin beneath your beard which can lead to skin flaking. 

    Beard oil helps to kick beard-druff to the curb - nourishing the neglected skin beneath your beard and providing a moisturised, flake-free complexion. 

  • Condition & Soften Facial Hair 
  • Beard oil can also act as a conditioner for your beard, providing the hairs with a much softer touch. This doesn’t only make your beard much easier to manage, but it makes the styling and shaping process a breeze. 

  • Adds Shine 
  • Quality beard oil can improve the appearance of your mane in more ways than one. Other than it’s styling and softening effects, beard oil can also offer your whiskers a healthy glow. 

  • Smells Great 
  • Aside from the moisturising and conditioning benefits of beard oil, the product simply smells great! The essential oils and carrier oils within can provide your mane with a wide range of scents - ranging from deep woodsy tones to fresh, sweeter fragrances. 

    With a wide range of scents on the market, finding a specific aroma to suit your beard couldn’t be easier. Check out our range of Beard Oils here

    How To Use Beard Oil 

    The perfect time to apply beard oil is after a shower when the skin is damp and clean. After pat-drying your beard, apply 2 to 4 drops of the blend into your palm and rub your hands together to achieve an even spread. 

    Next, run your palms down the side of your cheek, over the front of your chin, and through your moustache to coat all the beard hairs. Then, massage the oil into your beard so it can reach the skin beneath and work its magic. Simple! 

    If you’re on the hunt for a beard oil to add to your grooming arsenal, check out this Forest Blend Beard Oil by Stag Supply - with a calming blend of cedarwood, cypress needles, rosemary, and eucalyptus.  


    Full Groomed Beard

    Beard Balm

    What’s Beard Balm?

    Beard balm is essentially a leave-in conditioner, but for our beard. It typically contains ingredients like essential oils, beeswax, and shea butter to help soften your beard, lock in moisture, and help with styling. 

    There are different types of beard balms available - some of which are designed to condition the beard and others that assist with sculpting and styling.

    The Benefits Of Beard Balm

  • Provides Volume 
  • Beard balm can be the perfect cure for a thin-looking beard. Thanks to the wax and butter commonly found in beard balm, the product can give your beard a much thicker appearance. 

  • Tame Loose Hairs 
  • Need to tame a messy beard? Balm balms often have a light to medium hold, helping you to take control over the stubborn loose hairs, provide some shape to your beard, and assist with styling. 

  • Softens The Beard 
  • Beard balms can also soften your beard hair by acting as a leave-in conditioner. They work to soften the facial hair and fight off dryness to leave you with a moisturised mane.

    Cool Cola Beard Balm by The Groomed Man Co at The Emporium Barber

    How To Use Beard Balm 

    Now that you’ve got your hands on a beard balm, how and when should you be using it? 

    The best time to apply a beard balm is when the hair is dry. Start by scooping a pea-sized amount of the balm and warming it up in your palm. Then, run your palms and fingers over the cheeks and chin - making sure that the balm is reaching the skin beneath your facial hair. Finish off by running the excess balm on your fingers through your mustache. 

    Once your beard is coated with the balm, you can use a comb to help spread it and give your beard some shape. For shorter to medium length beards, you can use downward strokes across your cheek and chin to style. 

    This Morning Wood Beard Balm by The Groomed Man Co is fast-absorbing, highly conditioning, and offers a light to medium hold on the beard. The blend is scented with Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, and patchouli - a refreshing combination to kickstart the day. 

    Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: Can You Use Both?

    A beard oil and beard balm can be used together, especially since they’re offering a different range of benefits. For example, a beard oil would work to condition your beard and hydrate the skin beneath, while a sculpting beard balm would assist with styling. 

    Start by applying the oil to a cleanly-wash beard. After massaging the blend into the skin beneath your beard, reach for a beard balm to help sculpt and shape your beard. 

    Want to learn more? Check out these 7 essential beard products that’ll elevate your beard game to a whole new level. 


    The Emporium Barber
    The Emporium Barber

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