The 10 Best Beard Oils To Try Now

November 15, 2021 5 min read

man using beard oil

The 10 Best Beard Oils To Try Now

Are you on the hunt for the best beard oils? With the wide variety of beard products on the market, choosing a high-quality product for your whiskers can be a challenge. 

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve listed our favourite beard oils below - with a range of fragrances, styles, ingredients, and prices to suit anyone. Check it out! 

What Is Beard Oil?

So, first things first - what is ‘beard oil’ exactly? 

As the name suggests, beard oil is an oil-based formula specifically designed to nourish your whiskers. This popular beard product has many purposes - easing itchiness and irritation, hydrating the often-neglected skin beneath, softening your facial hair, and promoting healthy growth.

Because of this, beard oil is a must-have for anyone on the beard-growth journey. 


man using beard oil

The 10 Best Beard Oils To Try In 2021

Are you ready to get started with a beard oil? Let’s get into it - here’s our list of the best beard oils worth trying in 2021. 


1. Milkman | Freshly Baked Beard Oil

 First up, we have this Freshly Baked Beard Oil by Milkman - containing a complex blend of botanical oils for a sweet, yet spicy scent. 

The formula contains an assembly of nourishing elements, including grape seed oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and hemp oil. These ingredients work together to effortlessly coat facial hair, lock in moisture, provide a softer touch, and fight off any itchiness. 



2. The Bearded Chap | Original Beard Oil

The Bearded Chap's Original Beard Oil is designed for year-round use - helping to soften facial hair, moisturise, and soothe itchiness. This formula is quickly absorbed to prevent any feelings of heaviness or greasiness, with a fresh forest, citric, and spicy aroma to accompany.

The blend is created from 11 unique bases and essential oils, including grape seed, hemp, jojoba, almond sweet, rosehip, Australian sandalwood oil, and more.


3. The Groomed Man Co | Morning Wood Beard Oil 

For those who enjoy rich, masculine wooden scents, this Morning Wood Beard Oil by The Groomed Man Co is a great addition to your beard-care arsenal.

This blend contains high-grade botanical oils, including argan and jojoba oil, which work to nourish facial hair and the skin beneath. It’s fast-absorbing, light-weight, non-greasy, and can help encourage a healthier-looking beard. 

Plus, the Morning Wood Beard Oil can also be used in the hair and on the skin for an extra kick of hydration. 



4. Proraso | Refresh Eucalyptus & Rosemary Beard Oil

Specifically formulated for longer facial hair, this Refresh Eucalyptus & Rosemary Beard Oil by Proraso is perfect for men rocking a longer beard style. The formula can work to not only smooth and protect the beard, but to also tame any loose or flyaway hairs.

This beard oil has a Mediterranean eucalyptus fragrance that’s easy to enjoy, containing eucalyptus oil, walnut shell extract, and menthol. 



5. Layrite | Concentrated Beard Oil

Layrite’s Concentrated Beard Oil is a much thicker blend that provides a lighter, less greasy touch.

With an easy-to-use application, the oil is perfect for hydrating the skin and facial hair of both long and short beard styles

The key ingredients found in this concentrated beard oil include sweet almond oil, soybean oil, avocado oil, and argan oil - all working together to moisturise the beard and prevent itchiness or flaking. 


6. Baxter Of California | Beard Oil 

Another great beard oil for long and short beard styles is this Beard Oil by Baxter Of California. The blend is rich in plant-derived squalane and avocado oil to help moisturise and condition facial hair - with a sandalwood, cedarwood, and jasmine fragrance to accompany. 

This fast-absorbing formula can be used daily to help ease any irritation, support healthy growth, promote smoothness, provide a natural shine, and to assist with styling. 



7. Stag Supply | Forest Blend Beard Oil

This Forest Blend Beard Oil is built for the outdoorsman - with a scent drawing from a dense aromatic forest.

The beard oil contains an assortment of natural elements to provide the beard with the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive - including a soothing blend of cedarwood, cypress needles, rosemary, and eucalyptus. 

The formula is light-weight and non-greasy and can help to moisturise the skin, soften facial hair, and ease any itchiness. 


8. Bluebeard’s Revenge | Cuban Blend Beard Oil

This Cuban Blend Beard Oil by Bluebeard’s Revenge boasts an exotic Caribbean scent that’s both long-lasting and easy to admire. 

The ingredients include olive fruit oil, sunflower oil, and parfum, which work together to hydrate the skin beneath the beard while providing the facial hair with a much softer touch. 

On top of this, the blend is non-greasy, fast-absorbing, suitable for any beard length, and is even vegan-friendly.



9. American Crew | Beard Serum 

For a fast-absorbing blend, try this Beard Serum by American Crew. The blend is light-weight and contains a platter of beneficial oils to nourish any type of facial hair. This includes argan oil and cyperus esculentus root oil - working together to protect, rejuvenate, and provide the beard with a healthy shine. 

The American Crew Beard Serum is great for daily use. Start by applying the desired amount to the palms and rub the hands together to coat evenly. Then, simply massage the blend into your facial hair. 


10. Uppercut | Beard Oil 

This Beard Oil by Uppercut offers users a much lighter touch. It was intentionally designed to be much thinner than many other traditional beard oils for a smoother application and a non-greasy finish. 

The formula contains a range of ingredients to soften, condition, and nourish any type of beard - including argan, jojoba, avocado, and rosemary oils. 


How To Use Beard Oil

Picking the right beard oil for your facial hair is only half the battle - to get the most from this product, you need to make sure you’re properly using it.

Learn how to use a beard oil with these 4 simple steps. 


1. Wash Your Beard

It’s best to start the process off with a clean palette. After cleaning your whiskers with a beard wash, towel dry your face.

Before applying the beard oil, make sure your face isn’t too wet or the beard oil might not be as effective. For the best results, apply the blend to your beard when it’s damp. 


2. Use 2-3 Drops Of Beard Oil

Place the drops in the centre of your palm, then evenly coat the inside of your hands and fingers by rubbing them together.

If you’re working with a longer beard, you might need to add a bit more as you go. 


3. Massage The Oil Into Your Beard

Once your hands are covered in the oil, start by working the blend through your beard - starting with your cheeks and working your way down to your chin, neck, and moustache.

Finish by swiping your hand back up your neck to get the oil underneath your beard too.


4. Grab A Comb

Complete the process by using a wooden comb to evenly distribute the oil and to provide your beard with a bit of style and shape. 


man with beard oil in his palm


In Summary 

With our list of the best beard oils by your side, we hope that you can find a product to best suit your beard.

If you’re looking for more information or tips to kick your beard-care up a notch, be sure to check out one of our recent blog posts: ‘Daily 5-Step Beard Care Routine’.

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