Coffee at home, what makes Speciality Coffee Different

May 31, 2020 4 min read

Coffee at home, what makes Speciality Coffee Different

Is coffee a part of your morning ritual? If so, are you drinking it because you enjoy it or are you drinking it because it wakes you up? If your answer the latter, consider picking up a bag of speciality coffee. 

Speciality coffee is made with the drinker in mind whereas commercial coffee is made with cutting costs in mind. You’ll be able to tell the difference after only one sip. 

Production quality isn’t the only reason why you should ditch your regular commercial coffee. Check out this guide to learn more about what speciality coffee is and the benefits of drinking it.

What is Speciality Coffee? 

Speciality coffee is a term to refer to java that's scored an 80 out of a 100 on a scale put in place by the SCAA. The beans are carefully monitored from the time they're harvested to the time they're roasted. 

Nine times out of ten, speciality coffee comes in bags of beans so you'll need to invest in a grinder if you want to make the switch. 

What Makes It Better Than Commercial Coffee? 

The huge tins of coffee that you can buy in most grocery stores are commercial coffee. Commercial coffee is pre-ground and not as much monitoring goes into its creation as speciality coffee. That's not the only reason why you should make the switch. 


Commercial coffee is much cheaper than most packs of speciality coffee that you can buy. This is because most commercial coffee is made as cheaply as possible. Producers keep the production cost low so they can make more of it to meet demand. 

Speciality coffee is created with a little more care so you'll have to pay more for it. You also can't get it in just any grocery store. It's a lot harder to produce and isn't made all year so for the most part, you can only get it from merchants and speciality stores.

You'll see as we move down the list of benefits that the term "you get what you pay for" is more than accurate when it comes to coffee beans. 


When you buy a bag of speciality coffee, you'll know exactly where the beans were grown. The reason why this is a big deal is that it allows you to pick your coffee preferences based on its region. 

You don't get this effect with commercial coffee because they use a mixture of beans from all different regions. Mixing the beans together like this kills their unique flavour as well. The beans come from plants that have been sitting out in the direct sun which also affects the taste. 

There's no thought when it comes to region and soils because the goal of commercial coffee is to be good enough to please the general populous. The opposite is true with speciality coffee. The plants are grown to bring out the best taste in each bean. 

Methods and Quality Control

In order to keep production costs down as much as possible, commercial beans are often harvested using machines. It's not a careful process and some beans are often damaged. These damaged beans will end up being used in the finished product. 

In the creation of speciality coffee, every one of the cherries is picked by hand. These trained professionals are able to examine each cherry and tell the quality plants apart from the mediocre ones. 

Only the best cherries are chosen. Overly ripe, under-ripe, and blemished cherries are left on the plant. In most cases, the picked cherries go through a second selection process to make sure they're perfect for the final product. 

When it comes down to choosing beans that go into the roast, commercial brand coffees use pretty much any bean they can. Speciality coffee manufacturers check every little bean for defects. Any bean that's discoloured, dry, chipped, or damaged by insects is tossed out. 


Commercial coffee is packaged to stay fresh while it's on the shelf. Once you break the seal though, it's on a time clock. There's nothing to prevent the product from going stale. 

Every bag of speciality coffee is made to keep moisture and air out so the final product will last much longer. It helps that speciality coffee is most of the time sold in smaller bags.

This may seem like a rip-off but it's not. They're designed this way so you go through the entire bag of coffee before it goes stale on you. 

The Roasting Process 

Commercial beans are roasted in bulk inside a huge machine. Since so many beans are being roasted at once, there's a good chance they won't roast evenly. Some of them will actually burn. 

Speciality beans are roasted in small quantities. Each bean is roasted evenly and to perfection. By roasting the beans this way, producers are able to offer more roasting options as well. 

When you buy commercial beans all you'll find is dark, medium, and light roast. So, speciality beans offer a more versatile drinking experience.  

Find Your New Favourite Cup of Coffee  

Is your morning coffee not as good as it could be? It might be time for you to try out speciality coffee. The beans go through a more meticulous process making for a versatile and flavourful drinking experience.

They'll even stay fresh longer than commercial beans. What's not to love? Make the change today for a great cup of coffee.  Check out our range of Paradox Coffee and home brew kits here.

What's better than a premium cup of coffee? A haircut and beard trim, that comes with a our Barista made coffee. Book with us today to get the best of both these worlds. 

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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