Daily 5-Step Beard Care Routine

August 03, 2020 4 min read

Daily 5-Step Beard Care Routine

Daily 5-Step Beard Care Routine 

The difference between a good and great beard is a dailybeard-care routine

After all, your mane requires daily upkeep to make sure the hair and skin beneath is well moisturized. Without these essential steps, you open yourself up to a brittle, weak beard.  

Don’t neglect your beard, it deserves more. 

Are you eager to kick yourbeard care routine up a notch? Here’s a 5-step daily routine easy enough for any man to follow. 

Why Do You Need ABeard Care Routine?

  • Prevent A Brittle Beard: Our beards tend to dry-out and become weak when the facial hair/ skin is stripped away of its natural oils. This is an all too common occurrence when we are using products that weren’t designed for our beards. To prevent a brittle beard, strive to nourish the hairs and skin with products that won’t strip away the natural oils. 
  • Look Your Best: Stray hairs or flaky skin can stand out like a sore thumb. You’ve put all the effort into growing your beard - make sure it’s looking the best it can with the help of quality products. 
  • Stop Flaking Skin:Beard-dandruff is often the result of a neglected beard - occurring when the skin under your facial hair dries out. This leads to flaky skin and itching. Though by creating your own beard routine, you can make sure the skin is well-moistured at all times and significantly reduce your chances of beard-druff. 

Proraso Beard Exfoliating Paste

Daily 5-StepBeard Care Routine 

1 - Scrubba Dub Dub 

Let’s start your beard care routine off with a clean palette. Reach for a beard wash to cleanse your beard of dead skin cells, dirt, trapped food, or anything else that your whiskers have gathered. 

When it comes to cleaning your beard, regular soap won’t quite cut it. They can strip your beard of its natural oils, leaving a dry and flaky mess in its wake. 

Instead, be sure to use a wash that’s designed for your beard as it contains ingredients to nourish your facial hair and the skin beneath. The natural oils will stay in your beard where they belong to keep the hair looking and feeling healthy. 

Afterwards, gently towel-dry your bear. Be sure to pat it down, don’t rub. When it’s damp, you can get started with your beard oil. 

2 - Reach For The Oil 

A quality oil is the foundation of any beard care routine - helping to condition, moisturise, and soften your beard hair (as well as the skin underneath). 

Start off by applying 3 drops to your palm. Spread it evenly over your palm and fingers before dragging your hands over the cheeks and down the front of your face. Run your hands along the neck of your beard, then finish off by using your fingers to cover your moustache. 

Comb it back to evenly spread the oil. 

Try this beard oil by Baxter. The blend contains avocado and squalene oil, designed to moisturise and condition not only your beard hair, but the skin underneath. Plus, the vitamin E can help you deal with flakiness and weak hair while promoting healthy growth.

3 - Grab The Balm 

Now it’s time to style your beard, starting with a beard balm. 

Firstly, use your thumb to scoopy out a small dollop of the balm - about the size of your nail. Remember, less is more when it comes to your balm. Try not to over-do it.

You’ll then heat up the balm in your hands by rubbing them together. This will turn the balm into an oil-like consistency. As you’re doing this, you’ll want to cover your palm and fingers thoroughly. 

Apply the balm from the base of your beard, moving in an upward direction - so you can coat your facial hair as well as the skin beneath. Once you’ve got your balm sorted, it’s time to start combing. 

This Morning Wood Beard Balm by the Groomed Man Co is a great styling option. It’s fast absorbing, has a light to medium hold, and offers a conditioning effect on the hair and skin. 

4 - Start Styling 

Your beard is now primed for styling. Grab your comb and get to work. 

Combing the beard balm through will help to make sure its spread evenly, making it easier to shape and style to your liking.

5 - Work On The Mo 

For those working with a longer beard, your moustache may need a bit of extra attention - especially if you intend on adding a curled flourish to the stache. 

Start by removing a small amount of the wax with the back of your nail. Heat and soften the product between your thumb and for-fingers and apply it to your mo in an outward to upward motion. It’s as easy as that. 

Check out this Sandalwood Moustache Wax by Captain Fawcetts. It’s handmade with the purest ingredients - with high-quality sandalwood essential oil. 

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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