What’s The Difference Between Pomade And Clay?

October 15, 2021 5 min read

difference between pomade and clay

What’s The Difference Between Pomade And Clay?

So, what's the difference between pomade and clay? 

Many men have pondered this question, trying to figure out which one of these styling products will work best for them. And especially for new-comers to the world of hair-styling, choosing the right product can be stressful. Let’s simplify things. 

If you’re ready to learn the difference between pomade and clay, take a look at our beginner’s guide below. 

What Is Hair Pomade?

Hair pomade is nothing new - in fact, it's been around for a long time, dating back as far as the 18th century. Traditionally, this styling product included ingredients like bear fat and herbs, though now it’s made up of an assortment of modern ingredients - making them much easier to work with. 

These days, pomade typically contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, beeswax, and more - providing the hair with high shine and a firm hold. 

difference between pomade and clay

The Benefits Of Hair Pomade 

What are the benefits of using a hair pomade over other hair-styling products? Below, we've listed the benefits of choosing a hair pomade. 


1. High Shine Or Matte Finish

As opposed to many other hair-styling products, pomades are well-known for providing our hair with a medium to high shine.

Though over the years, the range of different pomades on the market has increased dramatically, with matte and natural finishes also available. Now, finding a pomade with a suitable finish couldn’t be easier. 


2. Doesn’t Dry-Out

Unlike gel or clay, pomade doesn’t dry out your hair or leave it feeling stiff. Because of this, these styling products are much easier to adjust throughout the day. 


3. More Flexible

Since pomades don't dry out or leave the hair stuff, it means that the hair is also much easier to adjust as your day progresses. 

Because of this, you have more flexibility and freedom to restyle your hair to suit certain occasions - whether you're chasing a neat look for the office or a messier texture for a casual coffee. 


How To Apply Hair Pomade 

Getting started with a pomade couldn’t be easier.  

Warm a dime-sized dollop of pomade in your hands and spread it evenly over your palms and fingers. Apply to slightly damp or dry hair, working from the back to the front and sides, making sure to coat the hair to the root. From there, you can style it with your hands or a comb to your liking. 

If you need a stronger hold, just add more product. 

The Best Pomade For Men

Are you on the hunt for a premium hair pomade? Check out our list below for the best hair pomades for men.


1. Premium Pomade | King Brown

For guys with short to medium hair, we'd suggest this King Pomade Premium Pomade. It offers a medium hold and shine - perfect for creating an assortment of classic hairstyles.

The formula is a modern twist on a traditional styling product - since the product is water-based, it washes out with ease.


2. Matte Pomade | Imperial 

If you're chasing a natural look to your hair-do, try this Matte Pomade by Imperial. The formula will provide a matte finish, with a light to medium hold to lock your style into place. Though if you do need to restyle, all you need to do is add a splash of water. 

The ingredients of this pomade also pack a punch - as they'll work to strengthen, retain moisture, thicken, protect, and add volume to your hair-do. 


What Is Styling Clay?

If you don’t want to be restyling or adjusting your hairstyle throughout the day, you may need a product with a stronger, long lasting hold - this is where a styling clay can come to the rescue. 

Styling clay will typically include ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and kaolin or bentonite clay. Not only will these ingredients work to provide a firm hold with a matte finish, but they thicken and add volume - making it an ideal choice for those with thin or fine hair types. 

The Benefits Of Styling Clay

So, why should you use a styling clay over a pomade? We've listed the benefits of picking a styling clay below. 


1. Firm Hold

Styling clay provides the hair with a firm hold to last the day, so you won’t need to be consistently restyling.

Plus, it can add thickness to make your hair look fuller - despite the seemingly lightweight formula


2. Fight Frizziness

For blokes with longer, curlier hair, styling clay can help to deal with and maintain any frizziness.

It's the perfect choice for guys chasing a neater look for special occasions. 


3. Draws Out Impurities

The benefits of clay extend beyond its styling effects.

While keeping your hair-do in place, a styling clay will also work to draw-out dirt and deliver an assortment of nourishing nutrients to the scalp. 

man using styling clay

How To Apply Styling Clay 

Before applying a styling clay, make sure your hair is clean, free of product build-up, and is dry. Now that your mop is primed and ready for styling, grab a pea-sized amount of the clay and heat it in your hands - covering your palms and fingers evenly. Then, run your hands through your head to coat the hair from the root. 

From here, you can use your hands or a comb to style the hair to your choosing, using more clay (if necessary) to fix-up any flyaway hairs. 

The Best Styling Clay For Men

Has all this talk of styling clay have you excited? Below, we've listed some of the best styling clays for men to try for themselves. Take a look!


1. Coltrane Clay | Triumph & Disaster 

First up, we have this Coltrane Clayby Triumph And Disaster. It's a worthy addition to your hair-styling armoury - containing white clay, beeswax, pracaxi oil, and a splash of Brazil wax.

It provides a medium hold, a matte finish, and is flexible to mould. 


2. Matte Clay | The Bearded Chap

This Matte Clay by the Bearded Chap is another worthy styling choice. It's made from 100% natural ingredients with three variants of Australian clay to create a textured, voluminous, and natural look. 

The masculine, chocolate fudge brownie scent will also provide your hair with a delicious finish. 


What’s The Difference Between Pomade And Clay?

So, what's the difference between pomade and clay?

Overall, pomade is a much more flexible styling product for guys. It provides a firm, yet malleable hold - so you can make adjustments as your day progresses.

It's also known to create a high-shine finish for classic hairstyles like slick-backs and side-parts. Though matte or no-shine pomades are available for guys chasing a natural finish.

Styling clays aren't as flexible as pomades. Instead, they provide the hair with a firm, stiff hold - eliminating your need to make adjustments throughout the day.

They offer a matte, textured finish for a much more natural look. 


The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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