6 Essential Hair Styling Products For Men

October 11, 2021 3 min read

hairstyling products for men

6 Essential Hair Styling Products For Men 

Navigating the vast market of men’s grooming can be a daunting process, especially if you’re looking forhair styling products for men to suit your scalp.

With the massive range to choose from, you may find yourself asking: which hair-care products are essential? And which aren’t as important? 

Don’t start pulling out your hair just yet - we’ve got you sorted. Take a look at our list of 6 must-havehair styling products for men


1. Pre-Styling Primer 

Before you even reach for a clay, cream, wax, or anything in between - take the time to properly prepare your hair for styling. 

A pre-styling primer can improve your styling routine in more ways than one. They help by conditioning and moisturising to leave you with softer hair to work with. Not to mention, they have a protective element to them as well, shielding the hair from UV and heat damage. 

Take a look at this lightweight Pre-Style Primer by Evo. It conditions, detangles, and softens the hair to prepare it for styling. All you need to do is shake it well before applying it to damp hair. 


3. Styling Cream

A styling cream will likely be one of the first essentialhair styling products for men that you come across. 

For those that prefer to style their hair with a lighter finish, you can’t go wrong with a styling cream. Compared to products like pomade or wax, they have a low to medium hold but can still provide your hair-do with a natural shine. 

This Boss Dog Styling Cream by Fatboy offers a perfect hold without stripping away your hair’s natural flow. Plus, the sunflower seed oil within can help to hydrate the hair while protecting it from UV rays. 



2. Sea Salt Spray 

Another useful pre-styling tool is sea salt spray, perfect for both thin and thick hair. It can increase your hair’s volume and texture to deliver a much more natural finish. 

Try using a sea salt spray before your typical styling mixture. 

This Sea Salt Spray by Evo, is perfect for creating a beach-based texture with a natural matte finish. Just apply it to damp hair, allow time for it to air dry, and you’re good to go. 


3. Styling Comb  

For a gentler styling approach, consider reaching for a comb. They’re not only a valuable styling tool (especially for on the go use), but they can also exfoliate the scalp and boost blood flow and promote healthy hair. 

Before settling on a comb, be sure to choose one that suits your type of hair. For example, if you have thicker hair, opt for a wide-toothed comb. Otherwise, a fine-toothed is more suitable for those with thin hair. 

This Large Comb by Baxter is a worthy styling companion - with smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for comfortable use. 



4. Styling Paste

Styling Paste is essentially a step up from cream. It'll help to craft your desired hair-style with a medium to strong hold and a textured finish.

It’s an extremely versatile addition to your styling arsenal, as it can be used on plenty of hair lengths to create a range of different styles. Plus, since the paste is typically a water-based blend, it’s easy to wash out with a shampoo and conditioner. 

For a medium, yet flexible hold, check out this Matte Styling Paste by Reuzel - adding quality texture and working with plenty of hair lengths. 


5. Hair Pomade 

Do you need a stronger hold for a more ambitious style? This is where a hair-styling pomade can come in handy. They’re essential for various hairstyles like quiffs, pompadours, side-parts, or the classic slicked back look - providing a very firm hold with a welcomed shine. 

To use a hair pomade, all you need is a dime-sized dollop. Then, all you need to do is rub it over your fingers to warm up the product and run it through your hair. 

Check out this Heavy Hold Pomade by American Crew - with a superior hold and intense shine. It’s ideal for the classic slicked back look or ambitious styles that need a stronger hold. 


6. Styling Brush 

If you’re working with longer, thicker hair, a comb may not cut it. Instead, you’ll want to be styling with a brush. 

Brushing will be a much more efficient way to spread the hair’s natural oil evenly, delivering your hair with a natural shine in the process. Plus, just like a comb, it can assist with styling, fight off knots, and increase blood flow to the scalp. 

This Bradford Pin/ Bristle Dressing Brush by Evo is ideal for smoothing polishing hair - with natural boar bristles, wooden frame, and natural soft rubber cushion. 


With these 6 essential hair styling products for men, you’ll be looking your best in no time at all.
The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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