8 Must-Know Hair Care Tips For Men

October 04, 2021 4 min read

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8 Must-Know Hair Care Tips For Men 

For many of us, our hair is a very important aspect of our style, which is why every guy should know the basic hair care tips for men.

Whether you're guilty of over-washing or not pat-drying your hair - avoiding these common hair-care mistakes will make your hair much easier to manage. 

Are you eager to take your hairstyle to the next level? Check out our 8 must-knowhair care tips for men - ranging from hair-damaging habits to the essential products that deserve your attention. 


1. Don’t Over-Wash 

When we wash our hair too much, we strip it of natural oils - leading to flaking, breakage, dryness, frizziness, and even inflammation. 

To avoid these side-effects, it’s best to go easy on the shampoo - though how much is too much? There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to washing your hair - mainly because every scalp is different

People with a normal scalp can get away with washing their hair when they feel it’s necessary. Though for those with a dry scalp, you’ll probably want to limit washes to around once a week. For oily scalps, daily washes may be necessary. 

 man washing his hair

2. Ditch The Chemicals

Particularly if you have a sensitive scalpit might be worth investing in natural hair care products instead.

A lot of commercial ranges contain a cocktail of chemicals that can often strip the scalp of its essential oils (especially if overused) - leaving behind a dry, flaky mess. 

Natural products on the other hand usually contain a variety of skin and hair-loving ingredients to nourish your scalp and support a healthy head of hair. 

This Hydrating Shampoo by Firsthand Supply contains the perfect balance of soap - helping to remove grime and dirt without stripping the hair of its natural oil. 


Its partner in crime is the Hydrating Conditioner - containing jojoba oil, honeyquat, kaolin clay, avocado oil, and plenty of other natural ingredients to encourage the hair to hold onto its moisture. 


3. Use A Pre-Styling Primer 

Just like with most things in life, preparation is the key to success - and the same can be said about your hair-do. 

Instead of starting with a styling cream straight away, consider using a pre-styling primer beforehand. It'll hydrate, soften, condition, and texturise your hair - getting it in the best condition for styling. 

If you’re regularly using styling cream or paste, this is the most importanthair care tips for men to remember.

Take a look at this Salt Spray by Uppercut. It can be used as a pre-styling product to add volume and texture. All you need to do is apply a few pumps to your damp hair before blow-drying and you’re ready to style.



4. Pat Dry, Don't Rub 

When we step out of the shower, most of us are guilty of grabbing a towel and rubbing our hair aggressively until it’s dry. This is a big no-no.

Our hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet, and using a towel to quickly dry it can cause breakages, split ends, and frizziness.

Instead, give your head the respect it deserves by pat-drying your hair. It’s much gentler on the scalp and won’t damage your hair to the same degree. 


5. Keep A Comb Handy 

If you’re out and about and need to fix-up your hairstyle for a big meeting or coffee date, it's worth having a pocket-comb nearby.

Pull it out of your pocket, make any quick adjustments, and you're good to go. 

This hand-made Tortoiseshell Comb by Jack Dean is a very durable option and is comfortable to use on the go. And since the design includes fine and coarse teeth, this comb suits any hair type and style. 



6. Loosen Your Hat 

Did you know your hat can cause hair breakage? Especially if they’re on too tight. 

If you’re outside, it’s definitely worth wearing a hat for UV protection, though try and resize them for a looser fit to lessen any tugging. And if you’re out of the sun altogether, consider leaving your hat on the side-line. 


7. Trim Your Hair Regularly 

If you want to kick split ends and damaged hair to the curb, it’s important to get your hair trimmed regularly (unless you’re growing your hair out of course). Getting rid of these unhealthy sections can support hair growth. 

For men with shorter or medium hair-lengths, it’s best to get a cut every month or so. 


8. Choose A Natural Bristle Brush 

There’s more than one reason to opt for a natural-bristle brush. They can help to evenly spread natural oils through your hair, create a subtle shine, and don’t produce as much frizziness. 

Using the right tools will help to yield the best results. 

Take a look at the Conrad Natural Bristle Dressing Brush by Evo. It’s great for all hair types and is perfect for reducing frizz and adding a natural shine. 


With these 8 simple hair care tips for men, maintaining your look and style will be as easy as ever. If you’re looking for more grooming tips, be sure to read our recent post: '5 Hairstyles That Are On Trend For Men'. 
The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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