How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

December 27, 2021 4 min read

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

So you’ve just received a killer haircut. Your looking sharp, feeling confident, and ready to tackle the day with guns blazing. The problem is that whether you're rocking a Brooklyn-inspired undercut, or a fresh new pompadour, your hair never stops growing. This means your sharp new aesthetic isn’t going to last forever.

In fact, the average hair grows about 1.5 cm per month, that's nearly 18 cm per year! Staying on top of the growth requires regular maintenance… how often depends on the look you're trying to maintain. 

The shorter the hair, the more frequently it needs to be maintained to remain sharp. Think about your facial hair. You enjoy a close shave in the morning with your trusty razor, but by 5 pm that evening your face is darkened with that prickly stubby shadow. Your hair certainly grows fast.

Shorter Hair

For the shortest hair styles, we recommend having it cut between 1-2 weeks. This keeps the lines looking precise, and keeps your hair looking like a million bucks. Wait any longer, and your hair tends to adopt a more discursive and rambling look. Lines aren't as neat, more product and time is needed to maintain the look you're after, and by the time you come around for your next cut, the barber will need to start all over looking for those lines and format your hair once showcased so well. 

If you like the look your last barber gave you, coming back sooner than later helps ensure you get the same cut again the next time. 

Longer Hair

With longer hair, the difference in length is harder to notice. This is because the lines and textures of your hair is already a little fuzzy. 

It’s still important to get it trimmed up regularly, however, because as we mentioned before, within one month your hair is already a centimetre and a half longer. That's significant growth even for longer hair. This growth isn’t exactly uniform either. Different areas on your own head tend to grow at slightly different lengths, especially the more patchy portions of hair like those found on the back of your neck, and behind your ears.

For medium to long hair, we recommend getting it trimmed up every 3-4 weeks to keep you looking your best. 

how often should you cut your hair


Haircuts Boost Confidence, and Confidence Boosts Success

We all know the feeling after we get our hair styles cleaned up. With a fresh shampoo and conditioned head, and crisp lines carved out by the straight razor, we feel and look great. What many people fail to understand is that the effect goes beyond cosmetic appeal. When we feel and look good, our confidence levels skyrocket. As millionaire and highly successful entrepreneur Derek Sivers has suggested numerous times, Confidence attracts success. 

To be successful we need more than luck, more than skill, and more than confidence. We need a balanced combination of all three. 

Why People Tend To Wait Too Long Between Cuts

Looking sharp, and feeling confident are hard to deny with a fresh cut from a professional barbershop like The Emporium Barber... yet it’s incredibly common for men to wait long durations between cuts for no apparent reason. 

We sought to understand this, and have asked many of our clients what their biggest reason for waiting so long between cuts is. The answer? TIME. 

Time is money, time is precious, and time is in short supply for most men in the 21st century. Booking a haircut takes time, travelling to and from the barbershop takes time, and getting the haircut… you guessed it… takes time. Men (and women) these days simply don’t want to waste any of this precious time. 

The problem with this way of thinking is that it’s short sighted. The benefits to be had from taking the time to invest in yourself, whether it's taking care of your appearance to improve your confidence and self assurance, or taking a course on the side to learn a new skill…

These activities don’t pay us directly and often feel a waste of our precious time. In the long run, the subtle improvements we make in our daily lives go the furthest in our ability to form relationships, win over new business deals and opportunities, and feel happy. 

The Solution!

Let’s consider the value of routines in successful people. 

Tim Ferriss, a well known entrepreneur, podcaster, best selling author, and body hacker, asks every single billionaire, professional athlete, scientist, or otherwise interesting and successful person that has the opportunity to speak on his podcast this exact question; “What is your morning routine”. 

According to his most recent book, Tools for Titans, roughly 80% of these people have a daily, and/or weekly routine that they stick to ritually. The power of routine is substantial. 

This is why we have designed our subscription services around the idea of routine haircuts. By signing up for one of our subscriptions, whether weekly, bi weekly tri weekly, or monthly, you can save money, and incorporate a confidence-cultivating routine. Spend the little bit of time it takes to head to the shop to invest in your confidence and image. 

The idea is you can pick a day, every second Wednesday for example. You wake up, have a shower, read your preferred news feed in peace and quiet, and wander down to The Emporium Barber for a cut, coffee, and shave. You then head to the office and continue your day. You will be amazed what a routine can actually do for you.

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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