How To Avoid Razor Bumps

August 23, 2021 4 min read

Man with razor bumps

How To Avoid Razor Bumps

For any blokes chasing a more comfortable shave, learninghow to avoid razor bumps is essential. After all, razor bumps can be a real pain to deal with - they’re itchy, stick-out, and can hang around for up to two weeks. 

Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid razor bumps altogether? We think so too! 

Are you ready to learnhow to avoid razor bumps? In this blog post, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for preventing razor bumps and getting a more comfortable shave. Check it out! 

What Are Razor Bumps? 

First things first, what are razor bumps exactly?

Razor bumps are a shaving-related skin condition where groups of tiny red bumps or swellings form around the facial hair follicles post-shave. They’re typically triggered when the hair wraps over itself and grows back into the skin - leading to tenderness, itchiness, and a burning sensation. 

They’re often caused when there’s excessive resistance between the blades and the skin - e.g. when we shave against the grain, don’t use shaving cream, or shave with dull blades.


man with razor bumps 

How To Avoid Razor Bumps

As annoying as razor bumps can be, there are a few simple habits you can use to stop them from popping up in the first place. Learn how to avoid razor bumps with these 6 shaving tips below! 


1. Prepare The Hair 

When it comes to getting a clean, smooth shave - preparation is king. Before you even think about picking up the razor, you should take a few minutes to properly prepare your facial hair for an easier cut. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is soak your stubble in warm water - whether it’s in the shower or with a hot towel. This will help soften the hair and make it easier for your razor to plough through. 

After cleaning the face with a face cleanser, you can then use a pre-shave oil to further soften your beard hairs and provide your razor with an easier glide.

This Pre Shave Oil by Bluebeard's Revenge is a great product to try - it’s specifically designed to moistures the beard for a smoother and comfortable shaving experience. 



2. Use Shaving Cream

Once you’ve sorted-out your pre-shave ritual, it’s time to apply shaving cream. These essential shaving products work to reduce any friction between the blades and your skin, lessening your chances of razor bumps. 

For a rich, thick lather, it’s best to apply the cream with a shaving brush. All you need to do is wet the bristles, apply a dollop of shaving cream, and use circular motions to work the blend into a generous lather over your beard-area. Simple! 

If you’re chasing a premium shaving cream, try this Old-Fashioned Shaving Cream Tube by Triumph & Disaster. With a full rich lather, this shaving cream works to soften facial hair and deliver a smoother, closer shave. 



3. Ditch Blunt Blades 

Is your razor pulling at your facial hair or dragging along your skin? If so, it might mean that your razor is blunt and needs to be replaced. 

This should come as no surprise, but our skin doesn’t appreciate it when we tug at the facial hair. It’s a very common cause of post-shave skin irritation for blokes. 

Instead, make sure you’re replacing your blades after 6 or so shaves. This simple habit will make sure you’re only using sharp blades, helping to reduce any resistance or irritation against the skin. 


4. Don't Push On Your Razor

A lot of us are guilty of this common shaving mistake - putting too much force behind the razor. Though this nasty habit may be doing more harm than you realise.

Our skin’s surface becomes skewed when we push too hard on our blades, which can lead to an uneven shave and increase your odds of a shaving cut. Instead, use a lighter touch and let the razor do the heavy lifting - it’ll help create much neater results. 

If you feel the need to put excessive force behind your razor, it likely means the blades are dull. Throw ‘em out and grab a new set - your skin will thank you. 


5. Shave With The Grain 

Guys, there’s a reason it's one of the first shaving tips we learn as young lads - don’t shave against the grain. 

When we shave in the opposite direction to our hair growth, we’re choosing the path of most friction. Essentially, this is a recipe for skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Sure, it may provide a slighter closer shave, but at what cost?

To stop razor bumps, it’s best to move your razor with the grain for a more comfortable shave. If you’re unsure which direction this is, run your fingers over your stubble - the route with the least resistance is the direction you should shave.


6. Don’t Skip The Aftershave

For preventing razor burn and bumps, having a premium alcohol-free aftershave on your side is a must. Not only do these products help to heal any shaving cuts and bring along a satisfying scent, but they also work to soothe and cool the skin - which is essential for dealing with skin irritation.

They’ll help moisturise and repair the skin to stop razor bumps from appearing in the first place. 

Chasing an aftershave? Take a look at this Bergamot Aftershave by Imperial The infused macadamia nut oil swiftly works to calm, heal, moisturise, and condition any inflamed skin post-shave - perfect for dealing with any shaving irritation.


With these 6 simple shaving tips by your side, razor bumps will become a thing of the past! If you're looking for more shaving advice, be sure to read our recent blog post: 'How To Get A Closer Shave in 10 Steps'.

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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