How To Look After A Moustache

November 01, 2021 3 min read

how to look after your moustache

How To Look After A Moustache

If your mo' is starting to look unruly or wild-looking, it's about time you learnt how to look after a moustache properly.

Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. All you need are a few essential tools and products to guide you through the process.  

Are you ready to learn how to look after a moustache? Say good-bye to those wild whiskers and keep your mo’ looking great with these 6 essential tips and tricks. 


1. Use Beard Oil

If you’ve ever embarked on a beard growth journey, you’ll understand how annoying beard-itch can be - though it can be managed. 

More often than not, the culprit behind an itchy beard is dry skin. Though by using a beard oil regularly, you can hydrate the skin beneath to fight off this dreaded itchiness. 

All you need is 2-4 drops of beard oil to get started. Massage the blend between your hands, coating your fingers and palms. Then, it’s as easy as massaging the oil into your beard and moustache. 

This Proraso Beard Oil is designed to tame and soothe longer beards, with a refreshing combination of Mediterranean eucalyptus and rosemary. 



2. Wash Your Moustache


One of the most important tips to remember when learning how to look after a moustache is to regularly wash it. 

Your moustache will often cop the brunt of your busy day, with food and dirt often getting trapped as the hours pass. Don’t let this mess accumulate - give your whiskers some love with a quality clean. 

Unlike many commercial washes, a beard wash will work to remove grime from your beard, without stripping away the natural oils that it needs to thrive. 

This Milkman’s Beard Shampoo & Conditioner contains plenty of natural ingredients to nourish your whiskers - including aloe vera, argan oil, vitamin B5, and more. It works to soften facial hair and clear debris from your beard without stripping away the natural oils. 


3. Trim When It’s Dry 

As your moustache gets longer, you’ll likely start thinking about trimming back those pesky hairs that hang over your lips. Though before you attempt this, make sure your whiskers are dry and avoid cutting the hairs when they are wet.

Your facial hair is much heavier when it's wet or damp and will therefore hang much lower. If you trim the hair before it dries, you may realize that you’ve cut too much off. 


4. Grab A Beard Comb 

A beard comb proves to be a valuable and versatile addition to your everyday grooming routine

They can spread beard oil or wax, create a part in the middle of your moustache, and assist with shaping or on-the-go styling. With all of these benefits on offer, it pays to have a beard comb handy. 

This hand-crafted Beard Comb by Captain Fawcetts are great for styling, maintaining, and shaping your whiskers. With fine teeth and a convenient folding action, this comb will keep your 'stache looking its best. 



5. Maintain The Shape 

A shaped and styled moustache can make all the difference. To keep your moustache looking its very best, it’s important to regularly take the time to trim it back and maintain its shape. 

Before you start trimming, you’ll need a few essential products to keep your moustache looking good - starting with a facial hair trimmer. It’ll work to maintain the length of your mo and keep stray hairs in-line. 

On top of this, you’ll also need a pair of moustache scissors. They’re perfect for quickly dealing with any fly-aways or getting the overhanging hair off your lip. 

Start the trimming process by combing through your moustache using downward strokes. Then, reach for your moustache scissors - cutting the overhanging or flyaway hairs on the bottom and edges (moving from the middle-out). Keep a neutral face for a smoother line. 

Finish up by fixing the length - using an adjustable facial hair trimmer or your beard comb and scissors. Though do this step carefully and conservatively to have more control over the length. 


6. Style With Wax 

If you’d like to maintain your moustache’s shape throughout the day, you may need to get your hands on some styling wax. These products are perfect for taming fly-away hairs, keeping your mo in place, and styling your whiskers on the go. 

Captain Fawcett’s hand-made Ylang Ylang Moustache Wax contains the purest ingredients and finest-sourced Ylang Ylang. 


Use the back of your nail to remove a small dab of wax. Then, warm the blend between your forefinger and thumb before applying it in an outward-upward direction. 

Learninghow to look after a moustache isn’t difficult. It’s all about creating a few daily habits to make sure your whiskers are looking and feeling great.
The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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