How To Style A Moustache

November 22, 2021 5 min read

how to style a moustache

How To Style A Moustache 

With the growing popularity of facial hair among gentlemen these days, learning how to style a moustache properly has become a necessity.

Though with the wide range of moustache styles to choose from, getting started may seem like a daunting process - though it doesn’t have to be.

Are you eager to learn how to style a moustache? We’ve listed 5 popular moustache styles that men can try for themselves - along with the essential products required to pull them off. Check them out below!


Essential Moustache-Styling Products 

Once you’ve chosen your desired moustache shape, it’s time to get your hands on some products to help you create these popular styles. Here are 5 essential styling products that every moustache needs. 


1. Moustache Wax

If you’re chasing a more ambitious-looking moustache style (such as the handlebar moustache), then you’re going to need some moustache wax.

Moustache wax is a much stiffer styling blend, providing the facial hair with a strong hold - perfect for maintaining your moustache’s shape all day long. 

If you’re chasing a stiff upper-lip, check out this Expedition-Strength Moustache Wax by Captain Fawcetts. The formula has a very firm hold, perfect for taming any fly-away hairs and keeping your whiskers in place. 



2. Moustache Comb 

When it comes to actually styling your moustache, it pays to have a quality moustache comb nearby. These simple tools can help to spread styling products evenly through your moustache to get the shape just right. 

This Moustache Pocket Comb, also by Captain Fawcetts, is perfect for styling your upper lip. With a fine-toothed design and premium folding action, this tool is perfect for on-the-go use. 



3. Beard Oil 

Beard oil is a must-have for any moustachioed man - helping to moisturise and condition not only your facial hair, but also the often-neglected skin beneath. With all these benefits, you can create a fuller, healthier-looking environment for your moustache. 

This Freshly Baked Beard Oil by Milkman Grooming contains a blend of botanical oils to lock in moisture and soften facial hair. All you need is a few drops to reap the rewards. 



4. Beard Wash  

Particularly if you’re using moustache wax regularly, you’re going to want a beard wash by the end of the day. Beard washes can help to cleanse the stubborn wax from your whiskers, along with any other dirt or food gathered on your journeys. 

Plus, unlike regular shampoo, beard wash can help to cleanse your beard without stripping away its essential oils. 

This Staunch Beard Wash by the Bearded Chap is a great addition to any grooming arsenal. It contains 100% natural ingredients, is perfect for daily use, and is accompanied by an assembly of masculine scents to enjoy. 


5. Beard Balm 

For those moustache styles that don’t necessarily need a stiff upper-lip, beard balm can be a great alternative to moustache wax. 

This popular beard care product provides a much more subtle, natural-looking hold to your facial hair and can even provide your whiskers with a much softer touch. 

This Original Beard Balm by The Groomed Man Co is a great beard balm to try out for yourself. It’s fast-absorbing, has a low-wax formulation, and can provide your whiskers with a light to medium hold. 



How To Style A Moustache 

With these basic beard essentials by your side, you're now ready to start shaping your mo'. Learn how to style a moustache with our guide below!


1. Walrus Moustache 

 The walrus moustache is essentially a blend of the cowboy and handlebar moustache styles - though it does take a bit more time and commitment to pull-off. To create this look, you’ll need to grow your whiskers as long and thick as you can to create a natural hang. 

Once the sides of your moustache pass the bottom lips, you can start creating the signature horseshoe shape of the walrus. Groom the middle of the moustache around the lower lip, and create a part in the middle. 

To maintain this shape, moustache wax may be required. 


2. Pencil Moustache

 Looking for a bit more of a challenge? Try styling the pencil moustache. It’s a vintage look, often associated with celebrities like Errol Flynn and Vincent Price, and is a great option for guys who don’t mind the extra upkeep. 

As the name suggests, the ideal thickness of this moustache style is a pencil. Shave a small space between your nose and the base of your moustache - with the ends finishing at the corners of your mouth. Keep the bottom line looking nice and straight. Then, use a razor to clean up the edges or to maintain the style. 


3. Handlebar Moustache 

The handlebar moustache is a classic style - named for its signature curved ends resembling the handlebars of a bicycle. Creating this popular moustache style is pretty straightforward - once the length of your moustache reaches around the corners of your mouth, you’re ready to go. 

Create a part in your mo', then use a comb to spread wax along the moustache evenly. Then with your fingers, curl each end of your moustache. Simple! 

man with a handlebar moustache


4. Cowboy Moustache 

For a much more rugged look, you can’t go wrong with the cowboy moustache. It’s essentially a longer version of the chevron - though to achieve the scruffier shape, it doesn’t need to be as regularly groomed.

To pull off this style, all you need to do is create a Chevron moustache. Then, keep growing the hair over your bottom lip. Don’t go overboard with up-keep - all you need to do is tidy up longer or fly-away hairs with facial scissors. 


5. Chevron Moustache 

Lastly, we have one of the most favoured moustache styles - the chevron moustache. If it’s good enough for Tom Selleck, it’s good enough for you! To create the chevron, you’ll need to grow your moustache to the bridge of your upper lip. When it reaches the right length, it’s time to start grooming. 

The facial hairs should hang from the top corners of your mouth - cut any longer hairs that hang below this mark. As the hairs continue to grow, be sure to maintain your moustache by cutting back the hairs when they grow below your upper lip. 

This style is perfect for guys with coarse facial hair that are chasing a much tidier look. 

man with a chevron moustache


In Summary 

Styling and shaping a moustache becomes much easier when you’ve got the right tools and tips by your side.

If you’re looking for new ways to kick your beard-care game up a notch, be sure to check out one of our past articles - ‘Daily 5-Step Beard Care Routine’. It’s simple enough for any man to follow!

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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