How To Use A Straight Razor

February 21, 2022 4 min read

How To Use A Straight Razor

How To Use A Straight Razor

Learninghow to use a straight razor is one of the easiest ways you can take your grooming routine to the next level. After all, these old-school shaving tools can offer a range of benefits - helping you to get a cleaner, closer shave

That being said, there is a small learning curve when starting with a straight razor - though, with our basic guide below, the process becomes even easier. 

Want to learnhow to use a straight razor? In this post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about shaving with a straight razor - check it out! 

What Is A Straight Razor 

First things first - what is a straight razor, exactly? A straight razor (otherwise known as a cut-throat razor), is a popular shaving tool with a single blade that folds into its handle. 

Straight razors aren’t anything new - in fact, they’ve been around since the late 1600s. To this day, they’re still used by some barbers for shaving their customer’s faces. Their single, sharp blade provides a close shave with little to no skin irritation

How To Use A Straight Razor 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Learnhow to use a straight razor with our 5-step guide below - check it out. 


1. Prepare The Skin

Regardless of whether you’re shaving with a straight razor, safety razor, or disposable razor, you’ll always need to take a quick minute to prepare your skin.

Quickly cleanse the skin, apply a pre-shave oil, and lather up with shaving cream. This will help to reduce resistance against the blade, reducing skin irritation in the process. It may sound simple, but these essential steps will leave you with a cleaner, closer shave. 


straight razor


2. Get The Angle Right 

When it comes to using a straight razor, there’s one thing you’ll need to remember - angles are everything.

You’ll want to sit the razor at a 30-degree angle against the skin - this will help you to avoid cutting the skin or dragging over the stubble. 


3. Nail The Technique 

The angle of your straight razor isn’t the only detail you’ll need to focus on - there’s also a specific technique you’ll need to learn to truly master the art of straight razor shaving. 

First off, you’ll need to remember not to push too hard on the razor. Doing so will increase your odds of a shaving cut. Instead, let the weight of the razor do all the work for you - all you’ll need to do is apply a very light touch to plow through any stubble.

Also, keep those strokes nice and short. With a firm grip, guide the razor down your face, with each pass only lasting about 3cm. Start with your cheeks and sideburns, progress to your chin, and finish on your neck. 

To avoid any skin irritation, remember to move the razor with the grain - not against it. 


4. Final Checks

More often than not, you’ll only need one pass of your straight razor to plow through the stubble. Though before you finish up, take a quick minute to make sure you haven’t missed any patches of facial hair. 

If you notice a spot here or there, reapply the shaving cream and run the razor over your skin again. 

This finer attention to detail will leave you with a cleaner, better-looking shave. 

 man shaving

5. Finish With Aftershave 

Once you’re done with the straight razor, you’ll finish your shave the exact same way that you would with any other razor - with a splash of aftershave.

These humble shaving products offer a powerhouse of benefits - helping to heal shaving cuts, moisturise the skin, and soothe any skin irritation - while leaving behind a satisfying fragrance. 

With all these benefits up for grabs, adding an aftershave into your shaving routine is a no-brainer. 

The Best Straight Razors For Men 

Are you on the hunt for a premium straight razor? Below, we’ve listed the best straight razors for men to try now. Take a look! 

  • Shavette With Wooden Handle | Proraso 

First up, we have this Wooden Handle Shavette by Proraso - a stylishly distinct shaving tool for guys to get their hands on. 

This modern design puts a contemporary twist on the traditional straight razor, as the blades in this device can be changed. You don’t need to worry about sharpening the razor before each use - you can simply swap to a sharper blade and start shaving. 


  • Cut Throat Razor | Bluebeard’s Revenge 

This Cut Throat Razor by Bluebeard's Revenge will make a sleek addition to any grooming kit. 

The design features a sturdy metal blade holder, with laser-etched branding along the side. This is another modern twist on the traditional straight razor, as the blades in this shaving tool can also be replaced. Spend less time sharpening your blades, and more time sharpening your look. 


  • Straight Razor | Captain Fawcett

For a traditional wet shave, you simply can’t look past this deluxe Straight Razor by Captain Fawcett

This device is beautifully crafted, with disposable blades so you won’t need to worry about sharpening - simply replace the blades when they get dull. It’s the perfect tool for guys hoping to master the traditional skill that is straight razor shaving.



Head to the online store now to shop our shaving range! 

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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