How To Use Pre-Shave Oil

January 17, 2022 4 min read

How To Use Pre-Shave Oil

How To Use Pre-Shave Oil 

Learning how to use pre-shave oil is an essential lesson for guys hoping to get a smoother, closer shave.

After all, these humble products offer a wide range of benefits that we simply can’t ignore. Pre-shave oil softens the facial hair, moisturises the skin, prevents shaving cuts, and so much more. With all these benefits up for grabs, adding pre-shave oil into your shaving regime is a no-brainer. 

Do you want to learn how to use pre-shave oil? In this post, we’ve listed everything you need to know about getting started with a pre-shaving oil. Take a look!


What Is Pre-Shave Oil?

First things first - what is a pre-shave oil, exactly?

Pre-shaving oil is a popular shaving product for men, applied to the face before a shaving cream or gel. These products are designed to soften the facial hair and moisturise the skin beneath - creating a smoother stroke for your razor. 

As a result, pre-shaving oil can help to reduce the chances of nicks or cuts and shaving-related skin irritations. 


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The Benefits Of Pre-Shave Oil 

So, what are the benefits of adding pre-shaving oil into your shaving routine? Below, we’ve listed the 3 core reasons why guys will typically use pre-shaving oil. 


  • A Smoother Shave 

One of the core reasons why guys will use pre-shaving oil is for a smoother shaving experience. 

Pre-shaving oils reduce the amount of resistance against your razor by softening the facial hair and moisturising the skin beneath. This overall creates a much smoother, seamless stroke of the razor - which can then bring about several other benefits. 


  • Extra Protection 

Pre-shaving oil can also help to protect the skin from shaving nicks or cuts. 

Since pre-shave oil eliminates resistance against your razor for a smoother glide, these products can reduce the amount of tugging or pulling on the facial hair.

This leads to a shave with far fewer shaving cuts. 


  • Less Skin Irritation 

The smoother shave that pre-shaving oil supplies doesn't only protect from shaving cuts. This product can also reduce the odds of shaving-related skin irritations - like razor burn, bumps, or redness. 

By reducing the friction and resistance between the skin and the blades, pre-shaving oil can stop razor burn or bumps from arising in the first place. This will create a much more comfortable shave. 


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How To Use Pre-Shave Oil 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Learn how to use pre-shave oil with our simple 4-step guide below.


1. Prepare The Skin 

Just like with most things in life, preparation is the key to success - and the same goes for your pre-shaving oil.

Before you start applying, take a moment to prepare your face for a shave - quickly cleanse the skin and gently exfoliate any dead cells. 

This won’t only make it easier for your pre-shave oil to moisturise and soften your facial hair, but it’ll also stop your razor from being clogged with all sorts of debris. 


2. Use A Small Amount 

Now that your skin is prepped and ready to go, you can start applying your pre-shave oil. 

Start by applying a few drops into your palm. Then, rub your hands together to evenly coat the inside of your hands - this will make it much easier to apply to your stubble.

Remember not to go overboard with your pre-shaving oil. For the best results, you’ll only need a few drops. 


3. Apply To The Stubble

Once you’ve evenly coated your hands with the pre-shaving oil, all you need to do is gently massage the oil into your stubble.

To take full advantage of these moisturising benefits, make sure the formula reaches the skin beneath your facial hair.


4. Lather With Shaving Cream

This may sound obvious, but don’t wash off your pre-shaving oil after applying it! You’d be surprised by just how many guys are guilty of this.

After you’ve applied your pre-shaving oil, start lathering a shaving cream over the top. This extra step will help create a smoother, closer shave with less skin irritation. 

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The Best Pre-Shave Oil For Men 

Are you on the hunt for a premium pre-shaving oil? Below, we’ve listed the best pre-shave oil for men to add to their shaving routines - check it out! 


1. Pre-Shave Oil | Bluebeard's Revenge 

First up, we have this Pre-Shaving Oil by Bluebeard's Revenge - an essential product for any guys hoping to secure a smoother, closer shave. 

The formula is designed to moisturise the skin before you apply shaving cream. This will create a smoother glide for your razor and will reduce the odds of shaving cuts or skin irritations. 

This pre-shave oil is best suited to blokes with big beards or sensitive skin. 



2. Pre-Shave Oil | Imperial 

Using this Pre-Shave Oil by Imperial is one of the easiest ways guys can take their shaving game to a whole new level.

With a few drops, this pre-shaving oil can protect the skin from razor burn and bumps by providing your razor with a seamless glide. Not to mention, its Bulgarian lavender scent leaves behind a calming, masculine aroma that’s easy to admire.



Head to the online store now to browse our shaving range!

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