Jack Regan Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo Mens Total Look Submission

August 30, 2019 1 min read

Jack Regan Mens Total Look Submission Mens Haircut

My hair expo piece was inspired and designed around showcasing how important and effective it can be to cater someone’s haircut based off of their face shape and bone structure!

In this haircut, my model has a very strong jaw line and overall bone structure, giving him that clean side part with clean clipper work on the side really compliments his bone structure, pulling it over and curling one side up with that blend through the other side really compliments his eye shape, along with his skin tone! 

Mens Haircut by Jack Regan

The way it’s cut  

Disconnected side part, leaving it heavy and over directed to the right side! Cut at 90° using the clipper work as a guideline, to soften the heaviness if that tidal curl on top you can cut it at 45° just down 1 side. 

Mens Haircut by Jack Regan @ The Emporium Barber

How to style

Using a texture spray or Karekare Tonic by Triumph & Disaster while the hair is damp to create a light but textured hold during the drying process, part the hair where the parting was cut and dry that side down and slightly to the back to create a natural flow to the hair.
With the top, dry everything over to the side relatively flat to the top of the head leaving enough room on the other side to blow both the side and the top up and over together to create that beautiful 1920’s victory style barrel curl! 

Finish off with a matte product like Triumph & Disaster's Coltrane Clay or hairspray!

Book Online here with me so you can get out there and enjoy the compliments!!

Mens Haircut by Jack Regan @ The Emporium Barber

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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