Our latest COVID-19 Update

March 23, 2020

Our latest COVID-19 Update

If you had have asked me a few months back what was on the horizon for 2020 there is no chance that I could have ever imagined we would be in the middle of a global pandemic which would lead to worldwide social lockdowns, economic meltdowns unlike we've ever seen, mass hysteria and at the same time complete and utter disregard for what is going on around us.  

There are only a few things we are certain of:
  • We are all going to feel the effects of this in some way or another
  • We will get through this and together we will be stronger for it
  • We are still open for business across all of our stores 
  • We may not be still open in a few days time.
As per my previous email and our latest social media posts, all of our stores are still open for business.  We have doubled down on our already extremely high hygiene standards to ensure the ongoing safety of our clients, community and staff.  Equipment and furniture are routinely thoroughly sanitized before and after each client and our entire stores are being regularly cleaner and sanitised throughout the day.

If you are coming for coffee from our espresso bars we ask that you don't bring your reusable cups and we will now also adhering to the service of takeaway only.  We would prefer that you don't pay for your coffee or your haircuts with cash, all of our stores accept paypass, which at the moment is certainly our preferred method of payment.  Please don't be upset at us if we don't have your favourite muffin in stock, we've had to drastically reduce our stock levels due to the uncertainty we are surrounded by.

All of our stores are strictly adhering to the 1 person per 4 square metre rule.  In some cases you may need to wait for your appointment outside the store.  Don't be offended at this and take it out on our staff, this is just simply what needs to be done at the moment.  We would very much prefer it if you booked your appointment in advance either via our website or by giving your store a call.  I'll provide direct links and phone numbers to the stores below.

I mentioned above that we're going to get through this and be stronger for it, but for that to happen we need to support each other through this.  Many of our friends and family have already lost their jobs as a result, with more to come unfortunately.  We will all know someone that is affected by COVID-19 in someway or another.  As a small business we're trying to give as many of our staff as many hours as we possibly can, to do this though we're going to need your support.  All small business are going to need your support.  Come and grab that takeaway coffee, grab a takeaway dinner from a local restaurant, buy a bottle of wine from the local, come and get your haircut. 

You're going to get more emails from us over the coming weeks, i'm not going to apologise for that.  I'll be letting you know about some exciting little partnerships with other local businesses that we're going to be running and will definitely need your support for.  We're also going to be running some online deals over the coming weeks.  Take advantage of those specials by using AfterPay if you need to, everyone wins! 

I thank you for your support so far and we look forward to seeing you for that coffee a tidy up or just to grab some products.  But it goes without saying, if you're unwell or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, have returned from overseas lately or aren't sure if you're ok to be coming in, please don't make an appointment or cancel the one you already have.  The safety of our staff, clients and community is and always will be our first priority.

Many thanks

Trent Pridmore
Founder & CEO
The Emporium Barber

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