R U OK Day at The Emporium Barber

August 29, 2019 2 min read

R U OK Day at The Emporium Barber

The term a haircut is cheaper than therapy is often thrown around by many of us, but it’s surprising the kind of relationship and bond that is created between a barber and their client, we do offer more than just a haircut, we utilise the special bond between client and barber to create a safe space where men and women feel comfortable to open up about their mental health  We are lucky in a way, that we are able to impact someone's life by not only giving them a great haircut which can boost their confidence but we also have the chance to listen to someone and gets to ask the question “R U OK?”

Working with such a diverse group of people we are all understanding of each other and the fact that life happens. As a company we have recently noticed that we have had a lot of staff and family members suffer in one way or another through mental health and that when that happens it is beyond control, however giving extra support is in our control. We have the choice to support and care for those around us, through doing so, we have been able to create a better bonded team, our staff have been able to make a change in their own life as they know we will have their backs, allowing them to put their best foot forward.

R U OK Day

have recently organised an event on Monday the 9th of September, where we will be hosting a talk session for our staff with Brisbane Broncos player Darius Boyd, with the aim to pass on his thoughts about mental illness and provide coping strategies on how best to overcome adversity. Following this our team will be involved in R U OK day on the 12th of September, furthermore we will be holding an event on Sunday 15th of September where we will be opening our Woolloongabba store to hold a BBQ, and pump out some haircuts for anyone that comes along, there will be coffee, door prizes and even face painting for the kids. Come down and support an amazing cause, get a great haircut even, with all proceeds going to charity.

Click here to head to the event on Facebook for more details and to share it amongst your friends!


Vanisha Lang
Vanisha Lang

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