Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Razor: What’s The Difference?

January 10, 2022 4 min read

Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Razor: What’s The Difference?

Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Razor: What’s The Difference?

Safety razor vs. cartridge razor - what’s the difference? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first bloke to ask this question.

Understanding the difference between these common shaving tools is essential for guys chasing a closer, smoother shave. 

So, safety razor vs. cartridge razor - what’s the difference? And what razor should you be using on your facial hair? In the post, we’ve covered everything you need to know when choosing between a safety razor or a cartridge razor. Enjoy! 

What Is A Cartridge Razor

What is a cartridge razor, exactly?

A cartridge razor is a popular shaving tool that men will use to shave their facial hair. These razors contain multiple blades, with a plastic handle. Cartridge razors will only last about 6 or so shaves before they’re disposed of

They were initially invented in the 70s to simplify the shaving process. Unlike safety razors, cartridge razors don’t require a learning curve to master - with a few basic habits, they can deliver a quick, smooth shave. 


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The Benefits Of Cartridge Razors 

Are you ready to learn the benefits of cartridge razors over safety razors? Below, we’ve listed the main reasons for guys to use a cartridge razor - check it out! 


1. Faster Shave 

If you’re running late and are hoping to squeeze in a last-minute shave, you’ll want to have a cartridge razor nearby.

Using a safety razor requires patience and a specific technique - if you rush through the process, you’ll be stepping out the door with a few shaving cuts. Because cartridge razors don’t require as much attention with regards to technique, they’re much easier to use when you’re in a rush. 


2. No Learning Curve 

One of the best things about cartridge razors is that they’re very easy to use. 

Safety razors often have a specific technique you’ll need to master before you can start using them properly. On the other hand, cartridge razors are very easy to get started with. 

As long as you’re moving the razor with the grain and are rinsing the blades regularly, you can immediately enjoy a seamless shave with a cartridge razor. 


3. Low Risk Of Cuts 

Many guys will often use a cartridge razor over a safety razor because there’s a lower risk of shaving nicks or cuts.

Because the blade of a safety razor sits flush against the skin, there’s a slightly higher risk of shaving cuts. Cartridge razors are designed to have a lower risk of shaving cuts, helping to deliver a much smoother shave. 

What Is A Safety Razor?

So, what is a safety razor, exactly? 

A safety razor is a traditional shaving tool, known for its single-blades and lavish exterior designs. These shaving tools were initially invented in the late 1800s to reduce the level of skill needed for guys to get a premium shave without any nicks or cuts. 

Unlike cartridge razors, safety razors require a certain technique. Though once you’ve mastered the safety razor, you can look forward to a range of shaving benefits that cartridge razors simply can’t compete with. 

man using a safety razor

The Benefits Of Safety Razors 

What are the benefits of using a safety razor over a cartridge razor? Below, we’ve listed 3 reasons why you should consider switching to a safety razor - take a look!


1. A Closer Shave 

One of the core reasons why men will use a safety razor is for a closer shave.

Unlike cartridge razors, the blade of a safety razor will lie flush against the skin, helping you to achieve a closer shave. 

It’ll require some practice to get the technique right, though once you’ve mastered the safety razor you’ll be able to enjoy the feel of a much closer shave.  


2. Less Skin Irritation 

If guys aren’t using a safety razor for a closer shave, it’s to reduce skin irritations - such as razor burn and bumps.

Rather than having 5 razors dragging over your skin, safety razors only use a single sharp blade. This provides a much smoother shave while reducing your odds of razor burn or bumps.

Particularly if you have sensitive skin or are prone to shaving irritations, it might be worth switching to a safety razor. 


3. Cost Effective 

Not only are safety razors great for getting a closer shave and reducing razor burn, but they’re also very cost-effective. 

The upfront cost of a premium safety razor can seem intimidating for most guys. Though, when you compare this cost to buying reusable cartridge razors time and time again, it becomes clear that safety razors are the more economical choice.

Not to mention, safety razors are much more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

The Best Safety Razors For Men 

Are you on the hunt for a premium safety razor? Below, we’ve listed some of the best safety razors for men to try now. Take a look! 


1. R108 Tortoiseshell Safety Razor | Muhle 

First up, we have this R108 Tortoiseshell Safety Razor by Muhle.

The handle is made from a high-grade resin tortoiseshell, with chrome-plated highlights to emphasise. The satisfying weight and traditional design makes this safety razor a worthy option for any man. 


2. R106 Black Safety Razor | Muhle 

This classic R106 Black Safety Razor by Muhle will make a great addition to any shaving kit.  

The chrome-plated metal highlights and high-grade resin handle come together to create this sleek, sharp design. You’ll love the weight and feel of this safety razor as you plow through stubble or shape those beard lines. 


Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Razor: What Razor Is Better?

So, safety razor vs. cartridge razor - what razor should you be using? 

When it comes to choosing between a safety razor and a cartridge razor, it all comes down to your preference.

Cartridge razors are best suited to blokes looking for a quick, convenient shave. Though if you’re looking for an eco-friendly razor that delivers a closer shave and minimal skin irritation, we’d suggest getting your hands on a safety razor. 

Choosing between a safety and cartridge razor becomes even easier once you understand what you want to achieve.

Want to get started with a safety razor? Take a look at our recent post: How To Use A Safety Razor.

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