Stuck At Home? Upgrade Your Grooming Routine With These 6 Tips

August 19, 2020 4 min read

Stuck At Home? Upgrade Your Grooming Routine With These 6 Tips

Stuck At Home? Upgrade Your Grooming Routine With These 6 Tips

Being stuck at home in lockdown can be extremely frustrating, to say the least. Though, for those with a bit more time under their belt, why not make the best of the situation? Take the time to be productive in different ways - like laying the groundwork to a meaningful grooming routine.

Tidy your bathroom, get organised, trial new skincare products, or perfect your shaving routine. There are plenty of ways you can use this spare time to take your self-grooming regime to the next level.

If you’re stuck at home, try these 6 simple tips to kick your grooming routine up a notch. 

  • Get Organised 
  • If you find yourself stuck at home, take this opportunity to tackle those cluttered bathroom draws and countertops. 

    Start off by taking everything out of the draws and cupboards. Go through everything - keeping the items you’re using daily and getting rid of empty bottles or products you haven’t touched in months. 

    Now it’s time to get organised. Consider investing in a few organisational items to neatly store your toothbrush, razor, and everything in between. 

    For example, this shower organiser by Tooletries has plenty of compartments for you to store toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and more - with a fog-proof mirror and antibacterial silicon. 

    Once you have an official, convenient spot to store your bathroom essentials, it’ll be much easier to keep that draw clean and junk-free. 

  • Trial A Skincare Routine 
  • With men’s skincare forever rising in popularity, lockdown could be the perfect occasion to create a routine for yourself. After all, there are plenty of reasons to have a good skincare routine - whether it’s to keep your skin in good shape, prevent wrinkles, or boost confidence. 

    If you’re starting out in skincare for the first time, begin with the basics. Get your hands on a face wash to help cleanse the skin, a toner to flush out the pores, and a moisturiser to hydrate. 

    The Baxter Skin 1. 2. 3 kit is perfect for men trying a skincare regime for the first time - including a daily face wash, herbal mint toner, and an oil-free moisturiser. It’s simple enough for any man to follow. 

  • Learn How To Shave Properly 
  • Shaving can be a traumatic experience for the skin, especially if we’re rushing through the process to get out the door and off to work. Though when we use a cheap razor and minimal lubricant, we’re left with a few cuts and an irritated face. 

    Though now that we have a bit more time on our hands, why not master the art of shaving? With the right routine, the experience can be very relaxing and nourishing for our skin. 

    First off, start with a warm shower to open up the pores and soften the facial hair, then exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells or dirt. Add a few drops of pre-shaving oil to your beard, followed by a thick lather of shaving cream. 

    Move the razor with the grain in a gentle motion, rinsing after each stroke. Rinse and finish with a moisturising after-shave balm to hydrate the skin. 

    This Imperial Field Shave Kit has everything you need to perfect your shaving routine - with shaving soap, a shaving brush, pre-shaving oil, bergamot aftershave, an aftershave balm, and more.   


  • Grow Your Beard Out 
  • On the other hand, lockdown could be the perfect time for you to grow that beard you’ve been thinking about. 

    Especially since the first weeks of beard growth can look light, uneven, and somewhat awkward, being locked away from any judgemental eyes could be a great incentive to push through this phase. 

    With a bit of patience, your beard will fill out and you’ll be ready to hit the town with an impressive set of whiskers. 

    As your beard grows, you’ll need to make sure you’re taking care of it. Remember to wash it regularly, moisturise with oil, and shape with a styling balm. This Beard Styling Tube gift set by Stag Supply has everything you need to turn a good beard into a great beard - including spiced beard oil, styling balm, and a wooden comb. 

  • Switch To A Natural Deodorant 
  • For anyone that’s made the switch, the process of swapping to a natural deodorant can take a bit of time to adjust to - though the entire affair is much easier if you’re at home.

    When we use antiperspirants, the aluminium compounds within the mixture clog-up our pores and stop us from sweating. Though when we go cold-turkey and make the switch to a natural product, we go through a phase of increased sweating and odour. This is our body’s response to flushing out toxins. 

    It takes a few weeks, though our underarm’s bacteria and moisture levels begin to normalise and accept the natural deodorant. Once we make the switch, you’re left with a natural product that’s much kinder to your skin and the earth. 

    For those keen to make the switch while at home, try this Bluebeards Revenge’s Eco Warrior Deodorant. It’s all-natural, eco-friendly, and is accompanied by a manly scent. 

  • Experiment With New Hairstyling Products 
  • Do you want more from your hairstyling routine? Try experimenting with a few different hair styling products to uncover the best option for your hair-do. You can start by choosing a styling product based on whether you’re in need of a lighter or strong hold. Just remember, different hairstyles will call for different holds. 

    For example, if you’re on the hunt for a product with a firm hold, try using a pomade. They don’t dry out your hair, can add moisture, and provide your mop with a welcomed shine. Pomades are ideal for the slicked-back look or pompadours. 

    Otherwise, if you’re chasing a much lighter look with more movement, steer towards a product with a lighter to medium hold - like a hair cream. These products provide much more flexibility, while also adding volume. 

    Once you’ve figured out what you want from a hair styling product, you can start to trial different variations and settle on a product that best suits your hair-do. 

    The Emporium Barber
    The Emporium Barber

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