The Best Shaving Routine For Men: 6-Step Shaving Guide

October 29, 2020 4 min read

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The Best Shaving Routine For Men: 6-Step Shaving Guide

The best shaving routines are often made of a few common elements - shaving cream, aftershave, and a quality razor. Though they are a few extra steps you can take to truly get the most from a shave - whether it’s by lathering with a shaving brush, using a facial cleanser, or investing in pre-shave oil. 

Are you looking to kick your shaving-game up a notch? Here are 6 essential tips to transform your shaving routine.


To boost your chances of success, preparing is king - and the same applies to your shaving routine. Before you even think about reaching for your razor, take the time to prime your skin and facial hair - starting with a gentle cleanser. 

Use warm water to cleanse the skin and open up the pores. This will get rid of any trapped dirt and make the shaving process a whole lot easier. 

This Algae Facial Cleanser by Anthony is gentle on the skin - containing algae, aloe vera, and lavender to help soothe, moisturise, and nourish the skin before a shave. 

Apply Pre-Shave Oil 

Taking 1-minute to apply a pre-shave oil can elevate your grooming experience to a whole new level. 

Pre-shave oil works to nourish and guard the skin while softening your facial hair - helping your razor to glide seamlessly over your face. This can help to prevent common issues like razor burn or skin irritation.

All you need to do is massage a few drops of the pre-shaving oil into your facial hair. Let the oil work its magic for 30 seconds before reaching for your shaving cream and lathering up. 

Check out this pre-shave oil by Imperial, working to soften facial hair and protect the skin from redness or nasty razor burns. 

Shaving Cream Lather

Lather-Up With Shaving Cream

Shaving creams are a common element of many shaving routines. After all, dry shaving is a big no-no in the world of grooming, often leading to ingrown hairs, skin irritation, and razor burn. That’s why you should always take the time to lather-up with a quality shaving cream before dealing with your facial hair. 

A good shaving cream will reduce friction between the razor and your facial hair, providing an effortless glide of the razor. This will also reduce the chances of cuts, razor burn, or skin irritation. 

Take a look at the Old Fashioned Shaving Cream Jar by Triumph and Disaster. It provides a full, thick lather accompanied by an assortment of old-school/ citrus scents. 

Though to create the perfect lather, try using a natural-bristle shaving brush - like this badger brush by Captain Fawcetts. After dampening the bristles with warm water, grab a small dollop of cream and use circular motions to create the lather over your chin, cheeks, and neck. 

Start Shaving

It’s time to grab your razor and enjoy the range of benefits that come from properly preparing for a shave. Though to get the most out of the experience, there are a few tips to remember. 

Of course, we’ve all heard the golden rule: don’t shave against the grain. Though there are a few other tricks you can use to get better results. 

First off, make sure you use a lighter touch with gentle strokes. If you find the need to put excessive force behind the razor, your blades might be blunt and need replacing. Otherwise, using too much pressure will make the skin’s surface uneven - making it harder to achieve a flawless shave. 

Also, remember to rinse after every stroke. This will keep the blades sharp and will prevent irritation or razor burn.  

Use Post-Shave Balm 

Shaving can be a rough experience for the skin, leaving it feeling dry and raw. This is why we need to properly care for it with a post-shave balm. 

Aftershave balms can help to repair, moisturise, and soothe the skin, helping you to kick off your morning on a good note. 

This aftershave balm by Baxter of California contains a blend of natural healing ingredients, like tea tree oil and cooling menthol, to help soothe and protect the skin post-shave. 

Store The Razor Properly

Now that you’re finished with your razor, treat it with a little respect. Don’t just leave the wet blades on the counter or in a draw - you’re better than that. Not to mention, this bad habit can cause the blades to rust or could lead to an infection when you’re shaving next. 

Instead, get into the habit of patting your razors dry after every shave. Then, store them in a dry spot. Try the Mason Razor Holder by Tooletries. It’s made from 100% silicon, sticks to any clean surface, and can keep your razor in one secure, convenient spot. 

With these 6 shaving tips by your side, creating the best shaving routine for your face quickly becomes easy. 

Want to elevate the skin underneath your beard? Check out this basic skincare routine, easy enough for every man to follow. 

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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