What’s The Difference Between Face Wash & Face Scrub?

April 18, 2022 4 min read

face wash vs face scrub

What’s The Difference Between Face Wash & Face Scrub? 

What’s the difference between face wash and face scrub?’ Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first bloke to ask this question. 

Since these two products serve an important role in daily skincare, it’s crucial that every guy understands what face wash and scrub can do. 

So, what’s the difference between face wash and face scrub? In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about getting started with these skincare products. 

What Is Face Wash?

Let’s start with face wash - what is it and what does it do?

Face wash is a popular water-based skin care product used to clean dirt and oil from the skin’s surface. This helps to keep the top layer of the skin clear while preventing these impurities from seeping deeper into the skin’s pores. 

These products are an important step in daily skincare and are typically used once or twice a day - depending on your skin type

man using face wash

The Benefits Of Face Wash 

So, what can a face wash do for your skincare routine? Below, we’ve listed the benefits of using a face wash daily - ranging from cleaner skin to fewer breakouts - take a look!


1. Cleanse The Face 

You’d be surprised just how easy it is for dirt and oil to build on our skin, and you can’t expect these impurities to be washed away with just water. Over time, this will leave our skin feeling greasy and looking dull. 

Face wash helps to properly flush away the dirt and oil from our face to leave behind a brighter, healthier-looking complexion. 


2. Prevent Acne

When it’s not taken care of, the oil and dirt on the surface of our skin can seep into our pores - combining with bacteria and triggering breakouts

Face wash helps to solve the problem before it arises. By washing away these impurities before they have a chance to sink into the pores, you can stop acne before it becomes an issue. 


3. Hydrate The Skin 

A good face wash can also keep your complexion feeling hydrated and energised - specifically by supporting the skin’s pH levels. 

By preventing dry, tight-feeling skin and moisturising your face, this product can delay the signs of ageing and promote youthful skin.  

That being said, it’s important not to go overboard with these products. Aim to use a face wash once or twice a day, depending on your skin type. 

The Best Face Wash For Men 

If you’re looking for a premium face wash to add to your daily skincare routine, we’d suggest trying this Daily Face Wash by Baxter Of California 

This formula will bust through dirt and oil with ease, without drying out your skin. It contains aloe vera and allantoin to ease redness, hydrate the skin, and energise your complexion. 

The best part? It’s great for all skin types - making it the perfect choice for any blokes with sensitive skin.  


What Is Face Scrub 

Let’s move on to face scrub - what does it do and how does it work? 

Face scrub is a creamy skincare product that contains abrasive ingredients to gently exfoliate the skin as it’s applied. These scrubs are designed to clear dead skin cells, improve skin texture, unclog the pores, and improve the effectiveness of other skincare products. 

Due to the deeper scrubbing function of these products, face scrubs should be used once or twice a week. 

The Benefits Of Face Scrub 

Why should you add a face scrub into your skincare routine? Below, we’ve listed the benefits of adding a face scrub into your weekly skincare regime.


1. Improve Skin Texture 

One of the core reasons to add a face scrub to your skincare routine is to improve skin texture. 

These products are designed to slough away the dead skin cells that build on the skin’s surface, leaving you with a much softer and smoother complexion. 

With these dead cells out of the way, your skin will be looking brighter and healthier in no time. 


2. Unclog Pores 

Face scrubs are also great for flushing out the impurities that seep into our skin’s pores. 

After all, once acne-causing bacteria seep into these pores, it can trigger breakouts to suddenly appear. With a face scrub, you can effectively flush out the dirt, oil, and dead cells stuck in your pores to clear and prevent acne

man using face scrub

The Best Face Scrub For Men

Are you eager to get started with a face scrub? We’d recommend picking up this Facial Scrub by Baxter Of California

This scrub can offer a powerhouse of benefits to your skincare routine - helping to promote cell renewal, improve skin texture, tone the skin, and revitalise your complexion.

Not to mention, the formula contains honey, chamomile, and lavender extracts to brighten, condition, and soothe the skin. 


What’s The Difference Between Face Wash & Face Scrub? 

So, what’s the difference between face wash and face scrub?

Face wash and face scrub are very different skincare products, offering a range of different benefits to support and nourish the skin

Face wash is designed to nurture the surface of the skin - flushing away dirt and oil that linger on the top layer. These products effectively flush away these impurities to prevent them from seeping into the skin’s pores. 

Face scrub offers a much deeper, abrasive cleanse - scrubbing away the tough impurities that can’t be removed with face wash. These exfoliators help to remove dead skin cells, soften the skin, unclog the pores, clear acne, and support skin tone.

With all these benefits up for grabs, it’s no wonder that face washes and face scrubs are a staple of every skincare routine for men. 

Head to the online store now to browse our face wash and scrub range! 

The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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