Why are Skin Care Products for Men Different from Women's?

June 08, 2020 2 min read

Why are Skin Care Products for Men Different from Women's?

Why are Skin Care Products for Men Different from Women's?

Beauty industry forecasters have pinpointed men's products to be a massive opportunity for growth — emphasis on the word "huge." 

It turns out that the male-centric sector should be worth about $166 billion by 2022
These skin care products for men will be different than those made with women in mind. And, as you see more and more of them lining the shelves at your local store, you'll probably wonder why one is better for one gender and vice-versa. 
Here's what you should know. 

It's Not Just the Visible Differences

Comparing men's facial products to women's formulas, you can pinpoint a slew of differences. And that's before you even open them up and try them on your skin. 
Women's product packaging will highlight particular ingredients, the sourcing and other details that are important to female buyers. Men's skin care products simply won't have as many frills. 
And that's because men don't think they need more than the basics. Even if their products aren't fragranced and exotically sourced, though, male customers do need different skin care formulation. 

Science Says Men Have Thicker Skin

Science has shown us why we need different body care products for men and women. 
Men's skin produces about 25 percent more collagen than women's. Men also have more hair follicles on their skin, and they're more substantial in size than their female counterparts', too. 
On top of that, men's skin produces more sebum than women's does. In balanced quantities, sebum keeps the skin moisturised and wards off bacteria. However, too much can trap dirt and cause acne, and too little can leave skin dry. 
Testosterone thickens mens' skin and boosts its production of sebum. And, altogether, these differences make men's skin less sensitive than women's. If you've ever wondered why your male partner gets away with a bar soap as face wash, this is probably why. 
Finally, men's skin ages gradually over time as their skin slowly stalls its production of collagen. For women, this process ends more abruptly when they reach menopause. This difference means men will show the signs of aging as the years pass.

And That's Why We Need Different Products

Women's personal care products have much different formulations than men's. As we now know, this is for a few good reasons. And men shouldn't use basics or female-centric products anymore. 
Men's cosmetics and skin care products should include collagen boosting ingredients to make up for their gradual loss of this protein. Pick up face washes and other skin care products tailored to men, too. Women's products cater to thinner skin so that they won't work as effectively on the opposite sex. 
Still, you don't have to feel like you need a cabinet full of skin care products now that you know your skin's different than a woman's. All-in-one formulas can still do the trick, so long as they're calibrated for your gender. 

Skin Care Products For Men Are Worth It

In short, skin care products for men do the job they promise. We have the face washes, as well as the toners, moisturisers and masks, to get you started on a regimen right for you.
The Emporium Barber
The Emporium Barber

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