Dr Pickles

A trade wind voyage in search of new traditional skin treatments and remedies guided the doctor to the tropical islands of the Southern seas. He returned to Holland with his beloved new wife and a mystical fruit of the Gods, traditionally known as Paw Paw (Carica Papaya). Immediately he began experimenting with the mysterious fruit. Papaya had been used for its healing properties for thousands of years, but now Dr Pickles had unlocked its ancient secrets with his scientific key.

With careful engineering he perfected a combination of fermented paw paw’s uniquely rapid healing properties and with his popular remedies he created what people described as his genius stroke, better known as Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm. The balm was an instant success and became the remedy of choice for the many tattoo artists, sailors and mermaids of the Old Port of Amsterdam. Today at Dr Pickles they are proud and honoured to uphold their founding father’s tradition of producing a unique premium tattoo balm with Dr Pickles expert seal of approval.

Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm is a combination of natural ingredients formulated specifically to aid in the preservation of body art and healing tattooed skin. Reducing skin dehydration and scab formation will ensure that your healing tattoos result in the best possible appearance. The fruits medicinal history dates back hundreds of years and with such a diversity of uses, it is no wonder that the rest of the world is fast catching onto the usefulness of this exceptional natural skin treatment, and why Dr Pickles is such a huge success in post-tattoo care.

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