Garage Barber

Founder, Rex A. C. Silver, has been involved in Men’s Hairdressing, Barbering and Grooming for over 36 years and is now putting this knowledge and expertise into bottles and jars. He has had an illustrious career and has groomed the hair and beards of 10’s of thousands of customers in his Barber Shops and Salons. 

Listening to and observing the grooming habits of his customers over the years, Rex has used, and seen first-hand, the performance and the results possible from the grooming products on the market. After hearing too many times comments from his customers such as “I wish there was a……….”, he decided to do something about it.

In 2016, Rex started developing his own range of products filling a gap in the marketplace, based on what clients were saying they really wanted!

The range is developed with every gentleman in mind, young and old, but it’s also a range that will resonate with professional barbers who in turn, will prescribe and recommend Garage Barber to their customers, clients will feel like they are taking their barber home with them.

Garage Barber products are in essence - grooming tools for the modern man.

They are grooming tools in a premium professional range for barbers to use in order to compliment, finish and help create their fine work to its best presentation.

They are grooming tools in a premium aftercare range to use a home to recreate your best self-presentation in-between visits to the barber, to self-groom more easily, efficiently and precisely.  

Rex A. C. Silver has won numerous awards in Barbering and Business and our their own Matte Paste was finalist for Best Men’s Styling Product of The Year in 2019 at the Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIA).

After selling thousands of Garage Barber products to his customers in his own Barber Shops and feeling so passionate and committed to the Garage Barber range, in 2020 Rex decided to sell his 3 shops and relocate his family from the regional coast of central Queensland, to the South East corridor near Brisbane.

This move was with the sole purpose of directing his full attention to the continued production and evolution of the brand, giving him the time and resources to make available these award-winning products, to every man and Barber Shop looking for a high-performance range with tried and trusted results.

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