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Please do not call it a return. The Dyson airwrap has been a favorite of beauty enthusiasts and experts since its launch in 2018. The same fascination persists, and the question that everyone is asking is: Is the $600 price tag worth it?

Airwrap is different from other tools in many ways. It uses less heat. The gadget uses a dynamic airflow called the Coanda Effect to style and dry hair without heat damage. It has eight interchangeable accessories that should replace multiple brushes and hair tools. What is the result? One tool at home can give you hair that looks like it was just cut in a salon.

Like a grandmother learning to use an iPhone, anyone unfamiliar with Airwrap’s airflow can experience a steep learning curve. You might be new to Airwrap and have a lot of questions. Should I let my locks dry before using it? Why do my curls fall out? What products should I use? What on earth do these barrels do? Do I have to read the manual?

You don’t need to read the manual for four years of online tutorials. We’ve gathered some of the most useful Dyson Airwrap videos on the web to save you the trouble of scrolling through questionable material. Here are all the tips and tricks that you should know.

The Comprehensive Overview

Jen Atkin, hair expert extraordinaire, is my go-to person for hair. I was so excited to watch this video when I opened the leather case. She provides a good overview of all the attachments available and offers some great tips to get the most from your blow dryer—bonus points for the genius barrel hack she uses to get beach waves.

The Official Walkthrough

You may not be one of the nine million (and counting!) If you’re not one of the nine million (and counting!) views on this TikTok video, let me introduce to you Vito, the Internet’s favorite Dyson professional. Vito demonstrates what is probably in the manual, which only some people read. He’s a balding man, but he knows how to use an Airwrap.

These Bite-Sized Tips

Matt Newman is a hairstylist better known by his Twitter handle @mattloveshair. Matt’s TikTok page is dedicated to his hair tutorials, tips, and tricks. Matt’s videos are quick and concise but never lack essential information. Four of his Airwrap mini-tutorials made the list.

Everyday Routine

Summer Fridays cofounder Marianna Shewitt, a loyal Airwrap user who is also a skincare expert, offers her best tips online. As a long-time fan, I can attest that her hair is always beautiful. This video will show you how to get her signature wavy blowout.

Curly Hair Routine

The majority of Airwrap tutorials that I have seen online are for users with relatively straight to wavy hair. This is probably due to the algorithm, as I have straight to wavy hair that’s easy to manage. This tutorial by Melissa Frusco for curly hair is the best I have found.

Blowout Curtain Bangs

This is the most comprehensive Dyson tutorial that I have seen. No. But Matilda Djerf has some of the most popular hair on the Internet. This video is included for this reason, as her technique is different than the standard.

Curly Transformation

This video and Yana Udaltsova’s other Airwrap tutorials contain great tips for curly or frizzy hair. She is a hidden gem, offering detailed tutorials with step-by-step explanations for your Airwrap queries. Ask her as many questions as you can before she explodes.

The Tutorial “For Dummies

Rudi Berry, a content creator, is another person I admire for her consistently beautiful hair. Her dewy-skin suggestions are great, but her Dyson Airwrap videos for dummies are a lifesaver. She is thoughtful, detailed, and always quick to answer questions or comments. Her biggest tip? Use the excellent shot function to create your style. Blast it for at least as much time as you would heat.

The Lasting Blowout Tips

Sarah Palmyra is an expert in beauty and everything related, so it’s no surprise that she provided some of the most helpful Airwrap tips online. She had a difficult time using the tool and returned it. Later she bought another one. It’s safe for her to say she can handle the situation better now. The results speak for themselves.

The Bouncy Blowout Curly Hair

This is another excellent Airwrap tutorial I found. This tutorial is a great reminder of the smoothing brush is importance in creating the blown-out look.

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