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We love a good mani at OPI. But there are some steps you can take to ensure your nails look their best, even if you don’t want to go to the salon.

We will break down the basics of OPI Nail Lacquer, one of our favorite DIY systems! Learn some tips and tricks to make the most of our nail polish formula.

How do you apply nail polish?

For nail polish, you will typically apply one base coat, two coats of color to achieve full coverage, and 1 top coat for durability and shine. OPI Nail Lacquer allows you to express creativity with trendy and iconic shades.

Before you begin

Remove any old nail polish. Start by applying one OPI Natural Nail Base Coat coat and letting it dry.

What is the best nail varnish for weak nails?

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener is the perfect solution for weak nails. Use instead of the Natural Nail Base Coat for extra strength.

Apply nail polish down the center of the nail

To avoid flooding the cuticle:

Apply color to the middle of the nail.

Work your way along the sides and cap the free edge.

Allow each coat of lacquer to dry between coats.

OPI Pro Tip:

Cap the nail’s free edge first by pulling the skin down away from the edge. Apply the remainder of the nail polish as usual.

How to apply glitter nail polish:

Add some sparkle! Apply the chunky glitter in glitter nail polish using a dabbing technique to get even and proper coverage. To ensure complete coverage, apply two coats.

How will I know when my nail polish is dry?

Once each layer is dry, you can tell because the shine will have diminished slightly. Applying one OPI top coat is the last step in achieving high-gloss nails.

How to apply matte nail polish:

Are you looking for an alternative to glossy nail polish? For a subtle but elevated look, try our OPI Matte Top Coat. This is perfect for formal events where you want to ensure your nails are consistent with your outfit. To achieve this look, apply one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.

What top coat do you use on matte nail polishes?

To maintain the matte finish, avoid adding an extra layer of topcoat.

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