The Emporium Barber Story So Far


Wind the clock back to the end of 2011 and the Men’s Grooming landscape was vastly different to what it is today, especially here in Australia.  Things might have been changing overseas but here we only had pretty limited options available to us men.

You could go to the local hair salon, probably because your partner was pestering you to get a decent haircut or you could try your luck at the very few old traditional barbershops that still existed.  You either paid way too much or hardly anything at all, if you didn’t pay much you probably paid for what you got and when you paid too much you were left wondering why your partner keeps raving about the place but you now understood why she never mentions how much it costs her to visit the salon.  To make things worse the experience just wasn’t there, it didn’t feel overly comfortable, you still had to use her hair products along with that super glue type gel from the supermarket and you still couldn’t figure out why you paid so much.

After months of throwing around ideas and working out how to change the world one haircut at a time it was now or never.  The Emporium Barber was born and took its first breath (first haircut!) at 11am on Tuesday the 1st of May 2012 in the Emporium Precinct (hence the name) in a bustling and rapidly growing suburb of Brisbane called Fortitude Valley.  With the aim of doing some amazing haircuts, pouring some tasty coffee and finding the finest gentlemanly goods for our clients off we ran!

Quickly realising that we turned out pretty good at what we do, we’ve still got clients that have been with us since the beginning, but at the same time finding out we didn’t know nearly as much as we thought we did, we started introducing facials designed for guys, waxing and threading (nothing below the belt!) as well as perfecting that cup of coffee thanks to our friends at Toby’s Estate.

On the back of our signature Emporium Barber Experience, after perfecting our cut throat shave system, we opened our second store in November of 2014 in Brisbane CBD’s Post Office Square.  We always had one eye on the possibility of opening stores throughout the rest of the country and after looking for a while we settled on the iconic Bondi Beach as our first store south of the border.  Right in Campbell Parade front and centre of the highly acclaimed Pacific Bondi Beach you’ll find our Bondi Beach store that opened June of 2016.

With our Brisbane stores still growing and becoming more popular it was time to turn our attention back to home.  The neglected RNA showgrounds were undergoing a huge redevelopment and we had been in talks for some time to open a store on the highly anticipated King Street.  Just before EKKA in July of 2017 our 4th store was up and running, quickly becoming the go to place for that caffeine hit courtesy of our amazing baristas and those Toby’s Estate beans!  

Hopping across the “Brown Snake” at the end of 2018 saw us open our 5th store in the new South City Square development in Woolloongabba.  Again quickly becoming a favorite with the locals, we are extremely excited to see where this store takes us.

Opening our last 3 stores in 3 years will most likely see 2019 as a big year for The Emporium Barber.  There is plenty of planning and work going on behind the scenes to deliver our next stores along with some exciting projects to further enhance the experience that we deliver in what we and our clients believe to be the leading boutique mens grooming destinations around the country.

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