Proraso Pre & After Shave Cream Refresh (Green) 100ml

Proraso’s original product has been referred to as a miracle cream. Made with Eucalyptus oil to soothe while menthol gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. Proraso pre & aftershave prepares your skin surface for the ultimate smooth shave. Pre shave application is an essential part of a shaving ritual, not just to ensure a smooth more efficient shave but also to help prevent skin irritation and ingrown hair, as well and keeping your razor sharper for longer. Proraso products have been used and formulated by professional barbers in Italy for over sixty years.

Application: Dampen the skin and apply sparingly before shaving, massage into the skin to help prevent skin rashes and irritation ensuring a smooth shave. Do not rinse, follow with Proraso shave cream.


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