Burundi Ngozi 200g -Single Origin Filter

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Coffee has been growing in Burundi since the 1930’s, however in the last few years with solid investment and education some truly brilliant coffees are emerging from this tiny country. Produced on the small hill of Rimiro meaning ‘where we cultivate’, the production of coffee is positively changing the lives of the Ruhororo people.  Characteristics of this top Burundi coffee includes delicate fruit flavours and lovely clarity. Expect to find melon and brown sugar amongst the clear acidity and tropical juiciness.

TASTING NOTES: Melon, Brown Sugar, Tangerine

Region: Ruhororo, Ngozi
Altitude: 1650MASL
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural


Grams In: 21.5gm
Grams Out: 300gm
Time: 3:45 sec

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