Captain Fawcett's Harnaam Kaur Hair Elixir 100ml

Captain Fawcett has collaborated with the esteemed Harnaam Kaur, The Bearded Dame in concocting this delectable and rejuvenating Hair Elixir. Contains a golden and rarefied blend of four nourishing and smoothing base oils: Sweet Almond, Tomato Seed, Argan and Broccoli Seed providing intense nourishment whilst aiding cuticle repair. Ideal for use on both head and beard hair.


  • Rejuvenating beard and hair tonic.
  • Blend of four nourishing base oils.
  • Made in the UK.


Dispense oil into the palm of your hand and smooth onto wet or dry hair, avoiding the scalp to prevent hair from appearing greasy. Style as desired leaving sleek, healthy and fortified hair.


Sweet Almond, Tomato Seed, Argan, Broccoli Seed, West Indian Bay Rum, Black Pepper, Labdanum, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Leaf, Vanilla, Lime, Cinnamic Alcohol, Cinnamic Aldehyde, Citral, Eugenol, Limonene.

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