Creed Himalaya 100ml

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Eau de Parfum by Creed

Creed is a fragrance of rugged masculinity and strength. Sixth generation and master perfumer, Olivier Creed, made this scent to commemorate his daring climb in the beautiful but treacherous mountains. is a fragrance that evokes the power and majesty of man and nature.

The one-of-a-kind metallic bottle makes a statement of unmistakable confidence. The bottle was developed by Erwin Creed, seventh generation and designated future head of the House of Creed. Many say it resembles ice on mountain rocks. Others say it resembles a climber’s canteen.

A luminously clean scent of uplifting freshness, Creed also reveals hidden layers of meaning with a seductive ambiguity that transcends categorization.

Top notes: Grapefruit, bergamot from Calabria, lemon from Sicily
Heart notes: Sandalwood
Base notes: Musk, ambergris, cedarwood

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