Garage Barber Root Boost Powder

GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools are formulated using the highest quality ingredients sourced in Australia. Designed and developed to meet the needs of today’s discerning gentleman.

Fine tune your image with GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools.


Root Boost powder is the ultimate volumizing dust, it’s virtually invisible when applying and disperses into the hair rapidly, allowing you to achieve gravity defying volume and texture in seconds. Lasts all day and can be reworked and restyled at any time with a few strokes of your fingertips...Magic!!

Tip: Apply to dry hair.


  • Ultra-concentrated formula means you only need a little
  • Achieves the ‘no product in my hair’ natural matte finish look
  • Weightless
  • Lasts all day and can be re-worked easily
  • Makes thin hair appear thicker with more volume

Word from the Barber:

Again, this was developed for guys who want the volumizing and texturing results with a natural matte finish. Extremely versatile in that it can give massive volume in seconds to ‘longer on top’ styles and gritty rugged texture, to shorter on top styles.  

Scent: Odorless

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