Garage Barber Style Mist-Heat Protector

GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools are formulated using the highest quality ingredients sourced in Australia. Designed and developed to meet the needs of today’s discerning gentleman.

Fine tune your image with GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools.


Designed to shield your hair and beard providing protection from the potentially damaging and dehydrating effects from the heat of blow-dryers and straightening irons. This perfectly developed ultra-lightweight product seals the hair locking moisture inside the hair-shaft itself. Contains one of nature’s most potent moisturising compounds, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. (Certified Organic)

Tip: For best results, finish styling your Hair with Garage Barber Matt Paste, Classic Pomade or Root Boost Powder, or your Beard with a selection from The Beard Oil range.  


  • Creates a luminous shine to the hair and beard when straightened using a blow-dryer or irons.
  • Achieves control without being weighed down
  • Super-Hydrating- helps lock moisture inside the hair shaft when using heat tools.
  • Helps prevent your Hair and Beard looking frazzled and dry.

Word from the Barber:

If you’re using a Blow-dryer or heat styling tool like a straightener, you need to protect your hair from heat damage from these devices. Ever wonder why actors and models have amazing healthy-looking hair and beards after getting it styled every day? Heat Protection...

This also has a soft hold factor so you don’t need to weigh you hair down with a mousse or other heavy styling agent.  

Scent: This styling tool is very lightly scented with a touch of White Cypress Leaf Oil. Think Citrus/Pine

Emotion: Clean, Uplifting and Refreshing.


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