Garage Barber The Beard Oil Vanilla Whiskey Oak

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GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools are formulated using the highest quality ingredients sourced in Australia. Designed and developed to meet the needs of today’s discerning gentleman.

Fine tune your image with GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools.


THE BEARD OIL is a perfect blend of carrier oils and essential oils that together form a winning combination giving you a lightweight oil that’s non greasy, nourishing and enables the beard to stay soft, looking well hydrated and magnificent…All Day!

Place half to a full dropper into the palm of your hand and press your free hands each fingertip into the oil. Touch all 10 fingertips together, now massage the oil through the beard to skin level. Comb or brush the beard out! Marvel at your lustrous, epic beard for a moment, and get on with your day!



  • Helps stop itchiness
  • Eliminates facial/ beard dandruff
  • Absorbs quickly into the beard and skin
  • Beard stays softer longer
  • Promotes healthy, faster beard growth
  • Stops beard from looking and feeling dry and frazzled

Word from the Barber:

I’ve seen guys lives change in an instant time and again after using our beard oil for the first time. It’s like something clicks and a whole host of beard problems disappear. The manageability, the amazing softness and visible hydrating effects not to mention the relief it gives your skin underneath your beard. And you smell AWESOME, what’s not to love!

Scent:  Oak Aged Vanilla Whisky with 1 ice cube sipped sitting in a leather lounge.

Emotion: Refined Confidence. A Man in control with a hint of mysteriousness.


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