Garage Barber The Conditioner

GARAGE BARBER Shampoos and Conditioners are 99.5% naturally derived formulas that include certified organic ingredients and Australian native botanicals. No detergents, parabens or sulphates. The foaming and cleansing agent in our shampoo’s comes from the humble coconut. Instead of silicones to condition, we use nourishing Argan oil and Jojoba esters, Avocado Oil and Olive Fruit Oil plus much much more…


  • Helps alleviate a dry, tight and itchy scalp
  • Contains natural Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation on the scalp promoting faster growing hair
  • Hair is left feeling soft and hydrated
  • Ultra-Fresh feeling on the scalp

Healthy Hair begins with a Healthy Scalp.

Our use of pure Australian sourced botanicals, Peppermint oils, Avocado oil, Argan oil and Olive Fruit oil are formulated to assist in stimulating healthy blood circulation around the base of the hair follicle, as it gently moisturises and nourishes your scalp and hair simultaneously. Invigorating in feel and uplifting in scent, your scalp will be left feeling hydrated and fresh and your hair renewed.

Word from the Barber:

So many of my customers would say they just use what’s in the shower to clean and condition their hair. Many conditioners are full of man-made silicones that only coat and stay on top of your hair and scalp giving a false sense of condition without truly penetrating and hydrating, again, No Thanks!

We wish you to have optimum health with your scalp, that will help promote the best environment for strong hair growth. 

Scent: A secret blend of Australian Botanicals. Mystical and Timeless.

Emotion: Fresh and Up-lifting


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