Garage Barber The Shave Gel

GARAGE BARBER Grooming Tools are formulated using the highest quality ingredients sourced in Australia. Designed and developed to meet the needs of today’s discerning gentleman.

Fine tune your image with GARAGE BARBER Grooming Tools.


When you need to see where you’re going!

Our non-foaming, crystal-clear shave gel is perfect not just for line-ups, where accuracy is paramount navigating around the beard on your cheeks, side levers and temples and around the throat line under your beard. It’s the perfect shaving tool for all shaving areas. Our super slick formula allows for an effortless glide with each pass of the razor and is jam packed with amazing Australian Botanical ingredients like Eucalyptus Extract, White Tea Leaf Extract and Oak Moss Extract. Gently work a small amount onto skin that has been pre-softened and wet with warm water, work around with fingertips or a shave brush, shave in the direction of the hair growth, rinse thoroughly.


  • Crystal clear formula gives you a perfect view of the shaving area
  • Feels weighted on the skin giving confidence reducing shaving anxiety
  • Effortless glide  
  • Stays wetter, longer
  • Unique formula gives superior lubrication and hydration at the same time
  • The properties of ancient Australian Botanicals have an anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial effect on the skin for a safer more comfortable shave.

Word from the Barber:

Mastering the shave and understanding every aspect to achieve the perfect shave, is a complex and detailed subject and process but one every man needs to know.  We will be delving deep into this and all aspect of grooming very soon but for now here’s a brief run down on THE SHAVE GEL… Shaving foams can leave a pocket of air at the base of the whisker and this can cause drag, pulling and razor burn. THE SHAVE GEL by nature, fully encases the whisker and saturates the skin by ‘gel coating’ the shave area. A non-lather shave feels different at first but it’s a good different.

Scent: Very soft citrus and aloe vera tones places you right in the middle of a tropical Australian rainforest.

Emotion: Calm and focused


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