Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade (Blue)

Barber Grade / Strong Hold                                                                                          


Net wt.120 ml / 4.2 oz


Designed to blend into and rinse out of hair easily, this water-based clear  pomade is formulated to provide a strong hold with a light feel. Flexibility and hold strength can be easily adjusted by the amount of water in your hair and can also be reactivated and re-styled with a small amount of water throughout the day. 



Work  pomade between hands and apply to damp or dry hair. Use a wet comb, hands or brush to create desired style. Heavier holds can be achieved with a generous amount on dryer hair while smaller amounts in damp hair provide more of a natural finish.




Naturally Enhanced   

Non Irritating    

Barber Grade   

Water Re-activatable   

All Styles

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