Penhaligon's Bayolea 100ml EDT

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Bayolea, a William Penhaligon grooming original. In case one’s barber is out-of-town.The exuberant, clean, aromatic-citrus, (an old-favourite). Now recreated for the thoroughly Modern Man. And Oh! So many iterations…. soaps, pomades, scrubs, waxes, oils. 
Not forgetting the final spray of the finest Eau de toilette. 

A Renaissance of a ‘Bay Rum’ preparation from the archives. Rediscovered in the pages of Time. The spice (black pepper, cardamom) of life (mandarin, tangerine) brings panache to the lemongrass and musk-patchouli that characterises this energetic scent. 
So it’s hats off to the archives, and in particular the 16th century sailors who conceived of ‘Bay Rum’. Indeed, who better to take Caribbean bay leaves and soak them in rum as a rudimentary perfume. Need is indeed the mother of invention… 
The final touch? Soothing lavender & moss, musk and amber-patchouli. 
The firm favourites of gentlemen (and sailors).

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