Prospectors Iron Ore Pomade 113G

Prospectors Iron Ore Pomade is known for its long lasting strong hold. This water based pomade holds up well in humidity, and is infused with Hemp Oil which conditions and moisturises hair and scalp.

What's so special?

  • Iron Ore Pomade offers strong hold and also great control to tackle any hairstyle. It is also great for frizzy, curly hair in humid environment.
  • For Reuzel Blue users who are looking for less sheen, this is the product!
  • Iron Ore Pomade can be used as a beard balm for styling on a bad beard day.
  • Water-based which makes it easy to apply and rinse out
  • A fresh scent with earthy tones.

Consider this product if you are after

  • Hold: Strong
  • Shine: Low

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