Pure Elements Tea Tree & Spearmint Shampoo 250 ml

An aroma blend of 100% pure essential oils of TeaTree and Spearmint. Pure natural extract of Birch leaf. Vitamin E fortified. Suitable for all hair types and everyday use.

  • Clarifies the scalp, removing product build-up & environmental pollutants
  • Adds body & shine
  • 100% pure essential oils of Tea Tree & Spearmint provide antioxidant properties & calm, soothe & stimulate the scalp
  • Natural extract of Birch Leaf soothes & purifies

Rinse hair then dispense an amount of Teatree & Spearmint shampoo into palms. Massage through hair & lather. For thicker, longer hair a second application may be required. Rinse thoroughly, squeezing out excess moisture. Apply chosen Pure Elements conditioner.

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