The Bearded Chap Gin & Tonic Beard Oil 89ml

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With fresh scents of lime, cucumber & basil, infused with juniper notes, you could be mistaken for thinking you are sitting on a tropic island somewhere with your favourite Gin & Tonic in hand. Let us bring summer to you everyday, with this fresh and invigorating, one of a kind scent. Smells so good you could drink it!

With the same proven and tested grease-free base as their Original Beard Oil. This Beard Oil hydrates and moisturises your facial hair, leaving behind a soft supple feeling all day long. No more “itch”; just a clean and nourishing feeling, that is sure to make you look and smell amazing!

Handcrafted and individually bottled in Brisbane, Australia The Bearded Chaps Gin & Tonic Beard Oil is designed to be used all year round and suitable for Chaps with light/heavy stubble to full beards. Conveniently bottled in travel safe size, 3oz bottles.



  • Stops beard itch. 
  • Stops beard-ruff.
  • Made from 100% natural, handpicked ingredients. 
  • Comes with a drip stopper to reduce wastage. 
  • Intoxicating subtle scent that will have you feeling summery fresh all day.
  • Comes in travel-friendly 3oz bottle. 


How to use 

Place 4-6 drops of Beard Oil in palm of hand. Rub into hands and massage upward into the beard and skin, making sure to get under chin and cheeks. To finish, groom beard down and style as usual. 


Size: 89ml/3oz

Scent: Gin & Tonic 

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