The Bearded Chap Limited Edition Smokey Bushfire Beard Oil 89ml

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The Bearded Chap have put together a very special Limited Edition Beard Oil that has a Smokey Bushfire Scent! Only 500 bottles of this Beard Oil will be made with every cent of the $100 sale price being donated to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Relief Fund. Selling all 500 of the Limited Edition Bushfire Scent Beard Oils will raise $50,000 that will help people and animals affected by these tragic bushfires. 

Each 90ml bottle is individually numbered from 1 to 500 and states that the $100 for the purchase of the bottle will be donated to the Australian Red Cross. The unique Bushfire scent, exactly like what our mates and the brave full-time and volunteer firefights and the people who have lost everything would smell while fighting these fires and dealing with the aftermath. It is designed to give us some idea of what they are dealing with at the moment but obviously we cannot begin to imagine what they have all gone through. We hope this product etches in your memory how harsh our land can be sometimes and the efforts we need to put in to ensure we do everything we can so we don't have anything like this happen again in the future in the country we call home, Australia.  


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