The Garage Barber Pacific Ocean Mist

GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and are designed and developed to meet the needs of today’s discerning gentleman.

Fine tune your image with GARAGE BARBER Styling Tools.


This light hold mineral and vitamin rich fine sea-salt spray, will give your hair a carefree messy, second day look. Ideal for scrunching some curls in ‘longer on top styles’ or defining very curly hair, just spray and work into to the hair and leave to dry naturally or scrunch in your hand with a few blasts from the blow dryer.

Use on your beard before applying The Beard Oil to nourish your beard with mineral rich salts, vitamins and antioxidants from ingredients like the Australian Native Botanical, Quandong fruit extract.

Leave for total natural effect or continue styling your Hair with Garage Barber Matte Paste, Classic Pomade or Root Boost Powder, or your Beard with selection from The Beard Oil range. 


  • Perfect to spray and go
  • Achieves control without being weighed down
  • Super-Nourishing to your hair and beard hair
  • Helps prevent your beard looking frazzled and dry.
  • Feeds you hair salts, vitamins and amino acids.

Word from the Barber:

Guys with curly or wavy hair need something to help tame, control or define their locks, this one’s for them but also, with this many added benefits for all hair and beard hair types, it really is for everyone. The mineral and vitamin rich compounds of this product is like food for hair. It will strengthen weak and fine hair and beard hair to assist on optimum healthy growth.

Scent: You guessed it, a tropical sea breeze… like The Pacific Ocean off the Australian Coast!

Scent Strength: Super Soft

Emotion: Fresh, Clean, Uplifting.

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