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What do you think of using a diffuser for your hairdryer? Maybe you have natural curls and would like to experiment with this enigmatic device, or perhaps you’ve already bought one but are confused about how to utilize it. Do not worry! We have the perfect blog post to guide you to proficiently use a hair dryer with a Diffuser in very little time.

A professional-grade hair dryer with a diffuser is a highly sought-after device that works by dispersing air from the dryer to minimize frizz and increase the natural look of the hair, which helps to make the perfect blow-dry. Learn more about it here.

How do you define a diffuser?

In simple terms, the way it works is that a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer diffuser accessory is a round plastic device that you put on the head of your dryer. The Diffuser spreads the airflow across a broader area in a controlled manner.

Diffusers are the ideal accessories for your hair. Supplements for people with curly hair to wavy types as can help maintain the natural curl pattern. If you don’t have a diffuser, it is easy to create a frizz that isn’t yours and create frizz.


What exactly do diffusers do for hair? To make the most of your Diffuser, utilize a low temperature and speed setting to prevent hair from getting tangled. This is lengthy; however, it’s generally worth the effort for those who want to get rid of frizz completely.

This Airshot Diffuser allows you to alter the airflow according to your preferred hair type. This can be achieved by turning the nozzles to let as many as or as little air flow through.

Before beginning, spray your hair with CLOUD NINE Spray. Then, place one Section of hair in the Diffuser and gently press it against your scalp while blowing dry. Be sure to tilt your head toward the Diffuser rather than applying the pressure downwards. The air flow must always be pointing upwards, stabilizing the Diffuser above the nozzle.

To get the most effective results with your Diffuser, you must apply an item that defines curls before.


Anyone can use an attachment for a diffuser dryer, but you will achieve the best results when you have an afro or natural curls. If you’ve curly hair that you are prone to straighten, you might want to try this method to show off your best naturally curly hairstyle – you may be pleasantly surprised by the results!


Detangle your hair whenever it is you are wet. This can reduce the risk of frizz. Gently combing your hair in the shower using a broad-toothed comb will provide your hair with the best chance to form the natural curl.

Do not rub your hair using a towel. The hair can be wrapped in an oversized t-shirt, soft rag, or microfiber cloth to squeeze out the excess water, which is less damaging to hair and results in less frizz in your curls.

Begin by drying on the tips of your hair and then gradually moving toward your roots while drying. Then flip your head upside down to create more volume in the heart.

Diffuse the hair until approximately the level of 80% dry. Let it air dry until the end creates the bounce and hydration you want.

For more details on “what diffusers do,” check out some of our Instagram inspiration.

Make your hair appear more natural with texture and cut down frizz. This Airshot Diffuser is a partner to add dimension and volume.

The Airshot Diffuser’s curved fingers work to raise each hair strand to create a defined hairstyle while giving it volume.

The Airshot Diffuser helps eliminate frizz by distributing the air carefully between your curls.

The Airshot Diffuser, which is heat-resistant, can be used together with Airshot CLOUD NINE Airshot to create a lasting look.

The Airshot Diffuser

Highlight your hair’s natural texture and lessen frizz while adding volume

and clarity with CLOUD NIES and definition with the iconic and clarity with CLOUD NINES iconic. Please find it and define it today.

Get The ‘Siren Waves’

Get effortlessly chic and eternal waves in just a few minutes by using our Airshot Diffuser and dryer.

Visit our blog to read more about the ways to use diffusers and the creative haircuts you can make.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

The chic beachy wave style is widely appreciated and shouldn’t just be reserved for summer.

However, getting that perfect loose curls may be quite a challenge. We’ve put together a few easy steps to use the Airshot and Diffuser, to make it easy.

The Airshot Diffuser can be described as an excellent little tool that was that is designed to manage curls and keep frizz at the back of your head!

Cloud Nine Diffuser Cloud Nine Diffuserhas some cool small features that make it the perfect hairstyle:

Airflow can be adjusted, allowing heating to be evenly distributed

A silicone base means that your Diffuser can be used with any hairdryer

Ensure your hair is ready using an instrument like a mouse or curl cream. Then, apply the Magical Potion Quick Dry Spray liberally.

This tiny wonder in the bottle can cut down the drying time of your hair while protecting your hair from the scorching heat of your hairdryer.

Separate hair and twist it with your fingers. This will ensure that your curls are perfectly defined.

Put a small section of your hair inside the Diffuser, then switch on the Airshot hair dryer. Utilizing a moderate temperature and power, keep the hair for a few seconds until the hair is dry.

Continue using the Diffuser throughout your hair Section by Section.

When your hair is dry Once your hair is dry, press to press the Airshot excellent shot option to cool the curls so that they remain in place.

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